13 Times Roller Coaster Rides Ended Up Deadly

Roller coaster rides always have been a favorite destination for adrenaline junkies. The fun of a slow and steady start joined by the mighty force of earths gravitation and free fall is something that leaves us baffled everytime we are on a rollercoaster.

Rollercoaster rides are not always fun

Although many companies have stringent safety laws in place to prevent untoward incidences such as major injuries and even deaths because of the derailment of the cart, accidents do tend to happen. More so because a company fails to take precautionary steps.

The statistics speak for themselves

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission found that on average around 4.5 Americans died every year on rollercoaster rides in amusement parks between the years 1987 to 2000. Sometimes there is a mechanical failure, operator errors and even a structural collapse.

Big Dipper roller coaster

The Battersea Park Fun Fair was operating smoothly for 20 years but its equipment was getting old and worn out. The roller coaster called the ‘Big Dipper’ failed when the rope which carried it to the top snapped, resulting in the death of five children.

America’s Big Dipper

Another roller coaster which calls itself the big dipper malfunctioned and resulted in the death of up to four people in July 1930. The braking mechanism failed to cause several cars to fall more than a dozen feet to the ground, crushing four people to death.

Texas Giant Roller Coaster

Rosa Ayala Esparza complained to the staff workers that she wasn’t safely latched to her cart, but they assured her that everything was locked safely. As the car made its way to the hill, Esparza’s body fell 75 feet onto the roof of the ride, severing her into two.

Batman: The Ride

A 17-year-old Asia Leeshawn lost his hat while he was on the roller coaster. He found his hat safely lodged inside the structure of the ride. As he made his way inside the security fence to retrieve it, a speeding car decapitated him.

World’s Safest Roller Coaster

Called the Mindbender, it was situated in a Canadian mall and boasted to be the world’s safest roller coaster. Some of the bolts came loose from the cart and it crashed inside a live concert, killing three people.

Ride of Steel

War veteran Sergeant James Hackemer lost both his legs when he was deployed in Iraq because of a roadside IED. Despite ensuring that he was safely latched to the car, he wriggled out of the restraints and fell to his death.

The Cyclone

It was built in 1927 and had undergone zero renovations in that time. It was rusty and made creaky sounds, which made it all the more terrifying. It has reportedly killed three people, including a man who stood up only for a crossbeam to smash his head.

Water world USA

33 high school seniors went to celebrate their graduation on a waterslide. As they all grouped inside a single cart, the weight exceeded the safety limit and it came crashing down, killing one student. The rest were seriously injured and received their diplomas in a wheelchair.

Derby Racer

The Derby Racer was slightly different than the rest, it featured two trains on a track racing each other until they reached the bottom of the ride. One time when the owner delivered a safety speech to passengers, he fell to his death – what an oxymoron.

Tehran’s roller coaster

In 2001, several cars from a roller coaster derailed and fell tumbling to the ground. Instantly killing three people and injuring several others. The owners had taken few precautionary steps if any, much to the chagrin of angry protestors.

Puff the Little Fire Dragon

Another small roller coaster resulted in the death of a six-year-old boy who fell out of his car and beneath the train tracks. He was safe until the operator sent the train around the track again, the cart struck the boy’s head, killing him instantly.

Suicide by roller coaster

A ride operator and numerous eyewitnesses gave a first-hand account of a suicide at the Star City park in the Philippines. A 37-year-old man quietly removed his latch and fell down to his death. He committed suicide.

Python Pit

It wasn’t even a full fledged roller coaster; it was built for small children as young as 1 year old. A three year old boy managed to unshackle the safety bar and fell between two cars. He died of horrific injuries.


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