17 People Who Cheated Death and Lived to Tell the Tale

There are people in this world who have cheated death. They could have died, but they somehow made it out of their almost fatal situations. Some people did it by pure luck, others managed to fight their way out of a bad situation. These stories show that cheating death is something that can be done by anyone.

Whether it was by luck or just the sheer will to live, the people who cheated death have shown that a fatal accident or situation can present itself at any time. Most people might not get away totally unscathed, but these people managed to make it out alive, and really, that is what matters most.

These 16 stories show that people can persevere through anything. They also show that luck is sometimes really on their side. Cheating death is never easy, which is why these stories are so amazing. Whether it was luck or the will to live, these people cheated death.

1. This girl escaped an encounter with a shark when the aquatic predator gave her a test bite and decided it was too much trouble to keep attacking.

2. Somehow, the driver of this car managed to come out totally uninjured. If they were just a few inches more to one side, they’d be missing their head.

3. Isidro Mejia was working in construction when he fell off a roof holding his nail gun. He accidentally shot six nails into his head, but they all miraculously missed his brain stem and spinal cord.

4. If anyone you knew was ever to question the legitimacy of wearing safety goggles, you could show them this picture.

5. Ahad Israfil blew away half of his head with an accidental gun discharge in 1987. Somehow he survived and continued to live a normal life.

6. If you’re ever bored and you suddenly think that you want your life to be more like an action movie, just think about the fact that something like this might happen.

7. Aaron Ralston famously spent 127 hours with his arm pinned under a boulder inside a canyon. He eventually amputated his own arm and made it to safety.

8. This truck driver got caught in a mudslide, but miraculously made it out of his vehicle. Good thing, too: the Pacific Ocean was on the other side of that rail.

9. The guy who had this cell phone in his pocket might have accidentally cut into a major artery if it hadn’t blocked his chainsaw.

10. Harrison Okene’s story of survival is absolutely incredible: the man survived in a capsized ship for three days until he was discovered by divers looking for bodies.

11. Michael Benson survived for two days in the vent of a volcano after a helicopter crashed and left him inside the crater of Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano.

12. Steve Callahan’s story is truly amazing. He was set adrift in the ocean in a tiny life raft after his boat sank. He was lost for 76 days until finally being rescued.

13. In 1971, Juliane Koepcke’s plane crashed in the Peruvian Amazon. She was only 17 but managed to wander through the dangerous jungles and survive for 10 days before being rescued.

14. Not only did Vesna Vulovic survive the plane she was working on being blown up, but she then survived plummeting 33,000 feet.

15. The person who took this photo wrote that they were running late for work that day. Luckily for them, it saved them from getting crushed by this car.

16. Finally, while this may not be a person that cheated death, this cat got lucky that their owner noticed them. That would have been all nine lives gone for sure.

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