20 Pics Proving that “Drunk People” Are The Most Amusing Human Beings

As an honest perception, it would be true if I said drunk people are equal to the Kardashians in the entertainment category. It is the holy golden, platinum level of all kinds of entertainment. I don’t know how alcohol does it but it just brings out the hilarious and most vulnerable side of people. I bet you’ve seen and heard a lot of drunk stories too, everyone has them. It’s such a privilege and a curse at the same time to have friends who go all out with their alcohol intake and do random things that are worth a million dollars who might also drag you into the trouble. But having said that, the memories live forever and you cherish them lifelong.

Also, this one is very normal actually, when you’re drunk you become a huge blob that stops functioning and have weird walks as if the road shrank or something. That’s when all the stupidity starts one by one, here are some of them recorded on camera.

1. Maybe her drunk self-knew she needed that extra push to make things work.

2. Those workers even posed for her, how sweet of them.

3. Drunk Steve is currently between an argument with sober Steve.

4. The weird part is the conversation actually makes sense.

5. Thank God, you didn’t get authorized, Jon!

6. When you’re drunk but still hot enough to model for a random shoot.

7. I do this even when I’m sober, okay I have a problem!

8. Doreen be tripping with the girls in wild Mexico eating Tacos and shots too!

9. Is that like a dream job you have or you just hate those girls?

10. The world is proud of you in so many ways, sarcasm included.

11. Jeff clearly did something very nasty.

12. Well, it’s true that every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

13. Drunk men = Dumb and cute men, end of story!

14. This could be the best drunk story ever known to mankind.

15. To the contrary, drunk girls will still be girls.

16. If your man doesn’t do this, I’m wondering why are you still dating him?

17. Haha, this actually made me laugh. Drunk but they’re totally making sense.

18. You deserve some kind of award man!

19. Literally sitting right next to him, oh poor Austin!

20. You may be drunk but always know what fits where.


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