20 Unthinkable Things That Should Never Have Been Captured On Camera

You may think you and your grandmother have plenty in common, but it turns out her upbringing was very different from yours. I’m not talking about the lack of computers or Netflix or celebrity Presidents.

There were some crazy things that happened in the not-so-distant past that we would never do today! Care for a cocaine-laced mouth lozenge or a water massage for your boobs? If you think those sound strange, then you’ve got to check out this list of 20 awful things that used to be totally normal.

1. This beauty pageant in Cliftonville in 1939

Um, where are their faces?

2. This American vending machine selling suntans in 1949

That’s got to be healthy.

3. This method of hair straightening in the 1960s

I actually have some friends who did this in college. Ah, the smell of burnt hair!

But why, though?

4. These paint-on stockings from 1941

Women have their legs painted at a London store so they can save their coupons, which would otherwise be used for nylon stockings. Not a bad idea, really.

Want to see a resume from the depressions era? I bet it’s not what you think…

Hope he found work.

5. This advertisement for a toothache remedy with cocaine from 1885

Anyone else stunned by the fact that cocaine was only 15 cents?

6. The model in the trunk of a car in 1971

A 24-year-old model named Julie Desmond climbed out of the back of a Russian Moskvich 427 at an automotive trade show.

7. This mobile church from 1922

8. This babysitter from the 19th century

Just an ordinary occurrence for the times.

This next one will crush the arguments of all the anti-vaxxers…
9. These odd-looking gloves from 1961

10. These children playing in Great Britain in 1973

Obviously long before the PlayStation was invented.

11. This automation named Ephonia from the 1860s that can imitate human speech

12. This child’s car seat from the 1940s

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