21 Photos That Fooled Our Eyes

There are moments when a double take is absolutely necessary because you can’t always believe what you see. Lighting, angles, eerie coincidences, and, of course, perfect timing, can play such unbelievable tricks on your mind that you’ll be doubting your sanity for milliseconds!

“Why are you guys looking at us? Is there something strange?”

“This is how a new super villain is born…”

“And this isn’t even my final form!”

If it wasn’t for the person standing in the middle, it’d be almost impossible to believe that this rice field isn’t a reflection.

How many seconds did it take you to understand where the boy’s head is?

This granite obelisk at Prague Castle blends with the sky:

“My friend sent this photo of the hotel he’s staying in. It took me a while…”

This looks like a nuclear explosion:

“This mirror column in a building on my college campus appears to be see-through.”

Wait, what…?

This looks like someone added another photo to the shot:

Modern Wonder Woman

When you want a cool photo but you’re afraid of heights:

Great body for a basketball player

Those teeth…

When your mother is a T-Rex:

The way this coin is balanced on the ring makes it look transparent:

Jogging on the beach is such an extreme sport…

A window to another dimension

“A huge chickadee on the street I live on.”

This bride has really long legs:

Did these photos get the best of you at first glance? If you have any illusory photos of your own, share them in the comments below!

Source : Brightside.me

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