24 Idiots who Deserve to be Buried in the Garbage

This world is filled with so many different types of people, you’d never know what face will leave a mark on you. But some marks do not fade away. They turn into scars and then you are forced to consult a dermatologist. Just kidding (Or am I?)

These scars, I mean people, are in an abundant number. One simply cannot turn their head away from them. In whichever direction you turn, you are unpleasantly surprised by the mere trashiness of the statement these humans are trying to put up for the world to see.
Disclaimer: These people are real, they are not a product of fiction.

1. You see, this is why we need basic education.

2. There is no backdoor in any kind of cheating.

3. Aye man, what the heck did I just read?

4. Getting married at a tire store is not weird at all.

5. What has got into the minds of teens of now?

6. Adding please is not going to help you.

7. I mean, the old version of Rapunzel.

8. It’s a bodysuit Goddamnit, woman!

9. Okay, you guys just figure this out, I’m out!

10. Logan Paul, I think you’ve got a die-hard fan!

11. Don’t wanna be rude but I think you’re a little dumb.

12. At least you get to eat a healthy salad.

13. How dumb are you, girl?

14. Okay, can someone tell her how a frog looks like?

15. No one needs a father this cruel.

16. What the heck kind of post is this?!

Source : Wroops

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