Ahhh, the Russians. Aren’t they special? Now, we don’t tend to offend anyone, but if you’ve been on the internet for the last few years you’ve definitely seen at least one crazy video from Russia. You certainly can’t define a whole nation by few examples.

But the truth is, Russians are just great at doing crazy stuff. The wedding photos you’re about to see are not exactly under the “crazy stuff” category, but they are hilarious.

We’ve seen plenty of creative wedding photos before, but they were all romantic with a touch of humor. But these photos, on the other hand, lack the romantic part.

Some of them are clearly planned to look hilarious. But the others are just…normal according to Russian standards.

We’ve never seen a watermelon being used for a wedding photo before.

There’s always that aunt…

Love is in the air…and few chickens too.

That kitchen scene in Terminator 2.

The wedding sucked but the band was kicking!

It seems like they’re BOTH the centaur of attention!

How do you come up with stuff like this?

Bizarre wedding sense of humor.

Magic carpet?

And the rest of his life it would be other way around!

Did he drop her or is she break dancing?

This is painful even to look at!

Never mind the confusing turn of events…just look at those shoes!

Her finger is on the trigger!

Cute couple with a great sense of humor!

Is this how KGB agents propose?

There’s even a crown at the top of the car.

Finish him!

What were they thinking?

Hunger Games marriage version.

The bus stops here!

But where’s the groom?

This was probably made in Paint.

On the wings of love.

Even Chuck Norris would be proud!

Source : Designleaf.me

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