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20 Photos That Can Make Anyone Exclaim, “It Can’t Be Real!”

In this article, we have collected the most unusual, colorful photos of nature. And if you’re going to travel and are currently searching for something unique and unusual, this post is definitely for you.

“Went to Iceland. Took this picture. No retouching was done to it.”

“We think we know where we’re going on our next vacation.”

From nature with love.

A stunning image of the oldest tree in the world.

Krasnodar in spring gives us an impression of something surreal.

This turtle may as well be a piece of art.

It’s easy to mistake this rock formation for a mystical creature.

It seems like this scenery has been painted.

Yes, nature is a great painter.

A shipwreck off the coast of Magnetic Island in 1916, City of Adelaide (Australia)

A flight

A real paradise

Mmm, caramel ice cream? Wait a minute…

The trees are slowly taking back their territory.

A hotel in the shape of a ship in South Korea

Everything is magnificent here.

That’s the way I look when I want to show off my new hairdo.”

A double-headed shark

“The absolutely stunning view from my friend’s window.”

An icy sky

Bonus: A dog accidentally found some dentures and wore them as its own teeth. The owner couldn’t stop laughing.

Which of these miracles did you like the most? Please tell us about it in the comments!

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You’re Not Fat – You’re Bloated! These Natural Remedies Will Easily Deflate Belly

Bloating happens usually after you’ve had a bit too much to eat or you’ve eaten something heavy and your stomach is having a hard time digesting it.

This is normal and usually goes away in a day, but there are some people who feel bloated all the time, which means that something is upsetting their digestive system. According to doctors bloating is a result of trapped gases in the stomach which has a lot to do with how you eat and what you eat.

People don’t usually worry too much when their stomach is bloated, even if it happens more often than not. They believe that it’s normal and that it only affects the way their belly looks. But in reality, bloating can happen as a result of a number of reasons and some of them should be treated.


Constipation can be resolved by simply eating more fiber. When you’re constipated the gasses get trapped behind the blocked poop and can’t get out, leading to bloating. Start increasing the amount of fiber in your diet gradually, because if you suddenly bomb your organism with fibers it may make matters worse. Consume smoothies, berries and switch from white bread to whole grain.

Too much carbs
If your diet is rich in carbs and sugars, you will most definitely feel bloated. Start cutting back on the carbs and opt for fruits and veggies instead of sugar and alcohol.

High levels of stress
Bloating can happen as a result of excessive stress. If you’re stressed out your brain doesn’t allow the digestive tract to function properly and it can lead to trapped gasses and bloating.

Insufficient amounts of water
If you want your body to function properly you need to make sure it’s hydrated. If you’re dehydrated it can cause a number of health issues, bloating included. The minimum daily amount of water, per doctor’s recommendations, is 6-8 glasses and everything short of this can be the reason why you feel bloated all the time. Start drinking more water and the condition should improve.

You eat too fast
If you’re one of those people who finish their meal before anyone has had the time to sit down and start you probably deal with bloating all the time. Start eating and drinking slower and chew your food properly. Take small bites and chew, chew, chew! If you don’t chew your food enough it may cause digestive problems.


You’ll need:

A tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel
1 cucumber
1/2 a glass of water
1 tbsp. of grated ginger
1 lemon
a bunch of parsley
How to prepare it:

The preparation couldn’t be simpler. Toss all the ingredients in a blender, pulse until combined and pour it in a tall glass. Drink it right away and continue the treatment for as long as you feel necessary.

Helicobacter pylori

You’ve probably heard about Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori), a bacterium that infects the lining of your stomach and causes all sorts of problems including gastric and duodenal ulcers. Aside from ulcers, H. pylori can cause a plethora of other health issues such as:

loss of appetite
frequent burping
burning sensation in the abdomen
unexplained weight loss
It’s usually managed with antibiotics but some people don’t like taking antibiotics for everything or they simply can’t handle the unwanted side-effects. So what other treatment is there? Well, for all of you who prefer the natural approach here are a few remedies and treatments which can help you ease your digestive issues.


Manuka Honey

This rare type of honey was shown to have great results against these bacteria. According to a number of research studies this type of honey eliminates all the bacteria in your stomach. Consume it 3 times a day, a teaspoon of the honey spread on a piece of toast.

Cranberry Juice

According to a study conducted in China, consuming cranberry juice can reduce the bacteria count by 14%.


Probiotics are good for any digestive problem you might be having, including an overgrowth of Helicobacter pylori. It has helped many with this problem and plus it has no adverse side effects.

More natural remedies

Chinese and Indian medicine traditionally uses organic licorice as a treatment against many digestive issues, including gastric ulcers and Helicobacter pylori. Red wine and green tea are also known to have a positive effect in the treatment of this bacterium mainly thanks to their natural antibacterial effects.

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Woman Wearing Nothing But Body Paint Does Yoga In Public And No One Notices

Generally speaking, going out in public nearly nude isn’t acceptable. Even on the hottest days of the year, female nipples are still banned (much to everyone’s annoyance) and genitalia are an absolute no-no unless you want to get arrested for indecent exposure.
However, one woman named Jen Seidel has gone on a mission to push the boundaries of how little clothing a person can possibly get away with wearing. How? You ask. Well, it involves the use of some seriously impressive body art to create the illusion of wearing clothes.

Check out the video below to see Jen’s incredible mission in action:

In one social experiment, for example, Jen sent a model on a Tinder date nearly naked. Her date was completely oblivious to the fact that he’d gotten luckier than most people on a first date until she pointed out just how little clothing she was really wearing.

“I like your outfit,” the guy says, before almost realizing the truth, “for a few seconds, I thought you were naked.”

Jen also painted a model with one of her impressive creations and sent her into a mall, which resulted in some seriously priceless reactions from shoppers and clerks who got close enough to realize just how scantily clad she was.

Now, she, along with her daughter, have completed another social experiment which involved painting a model, Ali, with the illusion of a seemingly ordinary sportswear ensemble that consisted of blue leggings and a matching sports bra.

While some people who are body painted go completely nude under the paint, to slightly reduce the risk of arrest, the model was wearing nipple pasties and a thong to hide her modesty before she went out to do yoga in public.

The model is pictured below in the early stages of having her clothing painted on by Jen and her daughter:

As you can tell from this picture, the extremely talented artist puts a lot of detail into her creations to make them look as realistic as possible.

Personally, I think the lace crisscrossing up and down Ali’s legs is a very nice touch. Few sportswear outfits are as fashionable as this one.

Once her transformation was complete, Ali, armed with a yoga mat, went to the harbor in Baltimore, Maryland. She then began to strike a few poses, nearly nude, to see if any passers-by would realize what was really going on.

During the experiment, the vast majority of people didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary about Ali and simply went about their business.

However, when Jen began to question them about the woman doing yoga, asking, “What do you see different about her?” they finally clicked.
Taking a closer look, a guy said laughing, “Oh my God. What the hell? I thought it was an outfit!”

“Oh my God, I’m so dumb,” a young a woman said. “It’s paint.”

“What gave it away?” the camera operator asked.

“The butt,” a man replied as his partner laughed.

Despite pushing the boundaries of the amount of clothing that is socially acceptable to wear in public, thankfully, no one was offended by Jen’s experiment. They were simply surprised and amused.

In fact, one woman wanted to try it out for herself and asked Jen, “Can you do me?”

“We can do anybody,” she replied before the woman jokingly referred to how much body she’d have to paint because of her height.

So, would you have the (painted) balls to do this? Nope, me neither…

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Meet The 18-Year-Old Girl Who Is Now Making A Fortune From Cosplay

A lot has changed in this modern world. In fact, you could go as far as to say that nothing is the same as it was 100 years ago. One thing that is dramatically different is the life of a teenager.
Thanks to technology and social media, teens have now evolved into a totally different breed. To highlight this, just consider the last time you saw a puberty-stricken youngster going through an awkward phase. The year was probably 2008, a time when MySpace dominated teen culture and the Kardashian’s were just starting to sink their perfectly manicured nails into our consciousness.

Meanwhile, in 2018 teens are now primed for life in a way that those before them never were. For example, just look at the way that they earn their pocket money. For those of us born before the millennium, the coins in our juvenile pockets came from hard graft. Be it mowing the lawn, taking out the trash or doing a paper round, our money came from getting our hands dirty.

Teenagers today, however, make a quick buck from apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. Just look at 28-year-old Zoella who is now earning a reported £50,000 a month after starting a blog and YouTube channel in her teens.

Of course, it isn’t easy an easy career path. In fact, some may argue that it’d be much simpler for them to follow the more conventional route and become a waitress.

Take Maria Fernanda, for example. The 18-year-old has amassed an enormous Instagram following by simply posting photographs of her dressed in cosplay.

For those who don’t know what cosplay is, let me explain: cosplay is a hobby where people dress up as a specific character from their favorite film, anime, cartoon, video game, comic book or television show. It’s a trend which, thanks to social media, has rapidly grown in popularity.

So with that in mind, it’s no wonder that Maria has 320,000 fans online. In fact, in the past four months, her follower count has doubled, growing from 150,000 on Instagram and 50,000 on Facebook to nearly 100,000.

The Brazilian beauty has taken to Instagram dressed in hundreds of cosplay costumes, such as Hayley Smith from American Dad, Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Lilo from Lilo & Stitch and Jessica from Rick & Morty, and it’s easy to see why she has gained such a cult fan following!

Based upon calculations carried out by the Influencer Marketing Hub, each post published by Maria generates the teen anywhere between $782.25 and $1,213.75!

For an 18-year-old, that’s not a bad paycheck! Can you remember how much you were earning at the same age? No doubt it was only a fraction of the price for a job that you didn’t even enjoy!

Meanwhile, Maria has managed to land her dream job before even leaving school – and she earns more than most adults do in a single day!

So next time you roll your eyes as Generation Z tap away on their smartphones, just think about how productive they’re actually being!

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21 Strangers Photobombed Ordinary Photos and Turned Them Into Real Gems

When we take a picture, we pay attention to all the details: the background, poses, and facial expressions. However, sometimes we can’t foresee everything, and unpredictable things make photos much better.

“My lady friend wanted a piggyback picture on the beach, and a random biker watching the sunset said he wanted one too.”

“My friend tried to take a nice picture at the mall.”

“Took a photo of my buddy while he was fishing. I call this one Damn, she found me.”

“It’s so irritating when cute girls mess with my photo shoot.”

“My son was asked to take a picture of a nice Asian family at Disneyland…he did not understand.”

We wonder when they noticed this epic photobomber?

If you’re gonna photobomb a kiss, do it right.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Were you taking a picture of the castle?”

“I photobombed a girl on the beach taking pictures, told her about it, and had her send it to me.”

Sweet old man at the beach: “Would you like me to take a photo of you 2 lovebirds?“ My wife: ”Yes please!” Nailed it.

“Ran into this crew while taking pictures in the park. They asked to be in a photo, and it turned out amazing!”

Well, it looks a bit scary.

“This homeless guy photobombed my wedding shoot.”

“One is never too old to photobomb a bikini shot.”

Let’s hope it’s just an illusion.

“Gimme a sec.”

“Possibly the most skillful photobomb ever.”

“So I’m trying to take a picture of a dog until this lil cutie comes by and TOTALLY photobombs.”

“Tried to take a selfie at JFK. Caught this gem before I could figure out how to reverse the cam.”

He wasn’t invited to take a family photo, so he did what he had to.

What is your favorite photobomb from this article? Has something like that ever happened to you? Share your photos and anecdotes in the comments.

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What Is The Story Behind Your Date Of Birth?

There is an interesting and unique story behind the date you were born on, and it’s super simple to figure out! Look up the day you were born to see which number it’s assigned to, and we’ll reveal something incredible about you!

People born on the 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month are number 1.

People born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month are number 2.

People born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month are number 3.

People born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd and 31st of any month are number 4.

People born on the 5th, 14th and 23rd of any month are number 5.

People born on the 6th, 15th and 24th of any month are number 6.

People born on the 7th, 16th and 25th of any month are number 7.

People born on the 8th, 17th and 26th of any month are number 8.

People born on the 9th, 18th and 27th of any month are number 9.

Number 1
You are a smart, funny, stubborn, honest, hardworking, kind-hearted, competitive and emotional person. You enjoy being the center of attention and are very self-confident and independent. You usually have problems with people who have opposing views and tend to seek revenge on your enemies. You like spending money but you are focused on having a good career to support your lifestyle. There will always be people around you who will try to bring you down because they’re jealous of your intelligence and loving nature.

You are a lovesick person who has fallen in love over the years but won’t marry until you’re mature. You will find a wonderful partner and have adorable kids together!

Your best matches are 4, 6, and 8 and your good matches are 3, 5, and 7.

Number 2
You are a daydreamer but sometimes you have a low sense of self-confidence and are very unpredictable. You have strong artistic talent and good verbal skills. Your skills are best suited for you to either become a poet, writer or something else in a similar field. Just like the phases of the moon, your attitude changes often. You are great at predicting the outcome of certain situations based on your close observance of people.

You will travel a lot trying to find the love of your life, and borders and language differences are not a barrier for you. If you are a woman you will be the responsible person in your family. If you are a man you will be the one who starts arguments but also the first to apologize. You will always be ready to sacrifice your life for your family because you are a very powerful but gentle person.

The only matches that can keep up with you are 2, 5, and 9.

Number 3
You are a spiritual person, hard-hearted and sometimes selfish. You had a lot of problems with your family when you were younger but your issues have become easier to solve the older you get. You get what you want by always being nice and friendly to everyone you meet. You work hard to achieve your goals, and you never quit without knowing you did your best. As a young person you have respect for your elders, and as an older person, you are able to relate well to today’s youth. You set good examples for others, but sometimes it’s not easy to deal with you.

You are a tough person, but once you find someone who likes you for who you are you can be sure that this friendship will last a lifetime. Money is what motivates you to keep trying and fighting. If you are a man, you are a person who looks after the family and helps their friends. If you are a woman, you are very hardworking and kind.

Your best matches are 6 and 9 and good matches are 1, 3, and 5.

Number 4
Even though you are a hardworking person, you don’t have that much luck when it comes to the important things in life. You are very stubborn and speak aggressively, but you are a helpful person. If you are a man you usually push people away from you, but you tend to help those who are close to you. If you are a woman, you are a very artistic person who likes to keep to themselves. You’re not very good with money, so try not to spend too much.

Your love life in your younger years is pretty disappointing and full of heartache, and your career choices may start to bring you down, but all of this will turn around as you get older. You have to be careful not to let others take advantage of your good heart, and the right person is waiting for you if you haven’t found them already.

Your best matches are 1 and 8 and good matches are 5, 6 and 7.

Number 5
You are very popular at work and among your social groups. You can get things done quickly and come up with very good ideas, but you’re not good at staying focused on a task and organizing yourself. Once you are determined to do something you start it immediately. If you wanted to start your own business, you would be likely to succeed but would definitely need major help with keeping it running as you move on to new projects.

You might have more than one relationship but you’re dedicated to finding that one special person to settle down with. But be careful to not let your partner control your life too much. You love freedom and learning through changes and new experiences in your life.

Your best matches are 1,2 and 9 and good matches are 6 and 8.

Number 6
You were born to enjoy life so you never care too much about what other people say. You would succeed professionally in either education or business management. You are very talented and popular among other people. You only bring good vibes because you prefer to stay positive. If you are a man, you are more likely to have more than one relationship until you get married. If you are a woman, you will probably get married at a young age.

You always tend to create a loving and peaceful environment in your home since you are full of compassion, good judgment, comfort and domestic responsibility.

Your best matches are 1, 6 and 9 and good matches are 4 and 5.

Number 7
You are a very realistic, talented, confident, and happy person. You excel in music, arts, and acting. Your bad temper likely causes you many problems but you are always ready to give up anything for your family and friends. You value them a lot.

Most people who are number 7 experience issues in their marital life and are unhappy in the relationship. They usually feel worried and unfulfilled all the time which is why they feel like they’re suffering. Avoid settling with someone and keep looking for the best partner for you.

All in all, you are a loving, happy, friendly and artistic person who was born to contribute a lot to this world.

Your best match is 2 and your good matches are 1 and 4.

Number 8
Your personality is so strong that there are only a few people who can understand you. You probably have experienced issues such as poverty or loss of a parent at a young age. You will also suffer more than others throughout your life. Your issues at a young age might make it impossible for you to focus on getting an education, but you will learn how to be practical in life.

You are very lonely but you also have a few friends who you would do anything for. When you get married, your bad luck will most likely go away and you’ll feel safer. You are a very disciplined person, courageous, strong, and persistent. These characteristics will help you become successful.

Your best matches are 1, 4 and 8 and a good match is 5.

Number 9
You are strong both physically and mentally and you often set big goals for yourself. You will likely experience family problems early in your life, but they will shape you into a strong adult. You have always spoken your mind since you were a kid, which sometimes gets you into trouble.

In your later years, you will become a much calmer person. Love is not easy for you but you will eventually get married and have a happy life. You are compassionate, wise, patient, and a true humanitarian.

Your best matches are 3, 5, 6 and 9 and number 2 is a good match.

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20 Unthinkable Things That Should Never Have Been Captured On Camera

You may think you and your grandmother have plenty in common, but it turns out her upbringing was very different from yours. I’m not talking about the lack of computers or Netflix or celebrity Presidents.

There were some crazy things that happened in the not-so-distant past that we would never do today! Care for a cocaine-laced mouth lozenge or a water massage for your boobs? If you think those sound strange, then you’ve got to check out this list of 20 awful things that used to be totally normal.

1. This beauty pageant in Cliftonville in 1939

Um, where are their faces?

2. This American vending machine selling suntans in 1949

That’s got to be healthy.

3. This method of hair straightening in the 1960s

I actually have some friends who did this in college. Ah, the smell of burnt hair!

But why, though?

4. These paint-on stockings from 1941

Women have their legs painted at a London store so they can save their coupons, which would otherwise be used for nylon stockings. Not a bad idea, really.

Want to see a resume from the depressions era? I bet it’s not what you think…

Hope he found work.

5. This advertisement for a toothache remedy with cocaine from 1885

Anyone else stunned by the fact that cocaine was only 15 cents?

6. The model in the trunk of a car in 1971

A 24-year-old model named Julie Desmond climbed out of the back of a Russian Moskvich 427 at an automotive trade show.

7. This mobile church from 1922

8. This babysitter from the 19th century

Just an ordinary occurrence for the times.

This next one will crush the arguments of all the anti-vaxxers…
9. These odd-looking gloves from 1961

10. These children playing in Great Britain in 1973

Obviously long before the PlayStation was invented.

11. This automation named Ephonia from the 1860s that can imitate human speech

12. This child’s car seat from the 1940s

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Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves Reveals His One Massive Regret

Rodrigo Alves has spent large parts of his adult life under the surgeons’ knives, gradually shaping himself into the living image of Barbie’s smooth crotched boyfriend Ken.

The ‘human ken doll’ has now spent over £500k on plastic surgery in his continuing bid to make his ‘body match his mind’.

The 34-year-old began his plastic surgery addiction at the age of just nineteen, and having undergone countless surgeries – including eight separate nose jobs – he has now revealed his one big regret regarding his numerous procedures.

Rodrigo famously had four ribs removed in order to make his waist appear smaller and it is this that has caused him more pain than gain.

Speaking to MailOnline, Rodrigo said:



*** EXCLUSIVE – VIDEO AVAILABLE *** LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – FEBRUARY 06: Rodrigo Alves’ shows the scars on his back from his rib removal surgery on February 06, 2018 in London, England.
Rodrigo Alves has lost five inches off his waistline thanks to his controversial rib removal procedure – and he is hoping to shrink to a tiny 20-inch waist – if he keeps wearing corsets. The 34-year-old plastic surgery addict claims he had the $28,000 procedure not to match any conventional standards of beauty but so that he can look even more unique. Thanks to his rib removal surgery – where he had four floating ribs removed – and constant corset wearing Rodrigo, who has been dubbed the Human Ken Doll, has dropped from a 34 inch waist to 29 inches. Rodrigo finally has the coveted silhouette hes wanted for so long but admits he needs to wear a corset 24 hours a day to maintain his hour glass curves.
PHOTOGRAPH BY Marcus Hessenberg / Barcroft Images (Photo credit should read Marcus Hessenberg / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

He revealed he had to wear a corset at all times following the surgery – which set him back an eye-watering £28,000 – during which he had his 11th and 12th ribs removed as he attempted to achieve his dream 20″ waist and fit into his ‘form-fitting’ blazers.

But it turns out it may not have been 28 grand well spent as Rodrigo admits:


Rodrigo now claims he is done with cosmetic surgery and will have no further work done except to have maintenance done on things he has already had done.




Last year Rodrigo hit headlines when he was detained in Dubai after the country’s passport control office couldn’t confirm his identity due to the fact his passport photo was ‘unrecognisable’.

Authorities said his face has changed so much that it no longer resembles the original photo, which lead to border control delaying his return to the United Kingdom.

Fortunately Rodrigo was able to convince authorities that he was in fact the person named on the passport and he was allowed to continue his journey after a few hours.

After his Dubai disaster, Rodrigo vowed to stop tweaking his face for good… or at least until his passport gets updated.

At the time the jet setting celebrity spoke about his very unique identity crisis with MailOnline:



Rodrigo is currently in America, where he will be appearing on a series of television shows.

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13 Times Roller Coaster Rides Ended Up Deadly

Roller coaster rides always have been a favorite destination for adrenaline junkies. The fun of a slow and steady start joined by the mighty force of earths gravitation and free fall is something that leaves us baffled everytime we are on a rollercoaster.

Rollercoaster rides are not always fun

Although many companies have stringent safety laws in place to prevent untoward incidences such as major injuries and even deaths because of the derailment of the cart, accidents do tend to happen. More so because a company fails to take precautionary steps.

The statistics speak for themselves

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission found that on average around 4.5 Americans died every year on rollercoaster rides in amusement parks between the years 1987 to 2000. Sometimes there is a mechanical failure, operator errors and even a structural collapse.

Big Dipper roller coaster

The Battersea Park Fun Fair was operating smoothly for 20 years but its equipment was getting old and worn out. The roller coaster called the ‘Big Dipper’ failed when the rope which carried it to the top snapped, resulting in the death of five children.

America’s Big Dipper

Another roller coaster which calls itself the big dipper malfunctioned and resulted in the death of up to four people in July 1930. The braking mechanism failed to cause several cars to fall more than a dozen feet to the ground, crushing four people to death.

Texas Giant Roller Coaster

Rosa Ayala Esparza complained to the staff workers that she wasn’t safely latched to her cart, but they assured her that everything was locked safely. As the car made its way to the hill, Esparza’s body fell 75 feet onto the roof of the ride, severing her into two.

Batman: The Ride

A 17-year-old Asia Leeshawn lost his hat while he was on the roller coaster. He found his hat safely lodged inside the structure of the ride. As he made his way inside the security fence to retrieve it, a speeding car decapitated him.

World’s Safest Roller Coaster

Called the Mindbender, it was situated in a Canadian mall and boasted to be the world’s safest roller coaster. Some of the bolts came loose from the cart and it crashed inside a live concert, killing three people.

Ride of Steel

War veteran Sergeant James Hackemer lost both his legs when he was deployed in Iraq because of a roadside IED. Despite ensuring that he was safely latched to the car, he wriggled out of the restraints and fell to his death.

The Cyclone

It was built in 1927 and had undergone zero renovations in that time. It was rusty and made creaky sounds, which made it all the more terrifying. It has reportedly killed three people, including a man who stood up only for a crossbeam to smash his head.

Water world USA

33 high school seniors went to celebrate their graduation on a waterslide. As they all grouped inside a single cart, the weight exceeded the safety limit and it came crashing down, killing one student. The rest were seriously injured and received their diplomas in a wheelchair.

Derby Racer

The Derby Racer was slightly different than the rest, it featured two trains on a track racing each other until they reached the bottom of the ride. One time when the owner delivered a safety speech to passengers, he fell to his death – what an oxymoron.

Tehran’s roller coaster

In 2001, several cars from a roller coaster derailed and fell tumbling to the ground. Instantly killing three people and injuring several others. The owners had taken few precautionary steps if any, much to the chagrin of angry protestors.

Puff the Little Fire Dragon

Another small roller coaster resulted in the death of a six-year-old boy who fell out of his car and beneath the train tracks. He was safe until the operator sent the train around the track again, the cart struck the boy’s head, killing him instantly.

Suicide by roller coaster

A ride operator and numerous eyewitnesses gave a first-hand account of a suicide at the Star City park in the Philippines. A 37-year-old man quietly removed his latch and fell down to his death. He committed suicide.

Python Pit

It wasn’t even a full fledged roller coaster; it was built for small children as young as 1 year old. A three year old boy managed to unshackle the safety bar and fell between two cars. He died of horrific injuries.


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Boy Goes Missing On Trip With Family, Gets Out Alive Explaining Engrossing Truth About Dad

The stuff kids play with and how they entertain themselves has varied greatly throughout the millennia. In recent times, boys used to join the Boy Scouts, where they learned important survival skills like building a fire or how to find shelter. But these days, children seem to want to play in the virtual world rather than the great outdoors. Malachi Bradley is one of those rare kids whose dad took away his smartphone long enough for him to learn some wilderness survival skills. It’s a good thing he paid attention to dear old dad, because it actually saved his life!

10-year-old Malachi caught the attention of national news when the story of his survival surfaced. He was hiking with his family in the Utah wilderness when he accidentally strayed off course. Malachi wandered off to forage for some wild mushrooms to cook with the fish he had caught near Paul Lake. But, he never came back to the campsite. The rugged terrain of Utah’s High Uintas Wilderness can be quite challenging to even the hardiest of mountain men, so Malachi’s poor parents probably thought they’d never see him again.

30 hours after Malachi disappeared, he was thankfully found safe and sound. His family asked not to be identified, but they were happy that this story had a good outcome. Yet, there’s still one loose end that everyone wants an answer to – how did this 10-year-old manage to get out alive? Kids can be pretty tenacious, but Malachi held on because his life literally depended on it. His aunt said that a week before the trip, Malachi and his friends were playing a game called, “What would we do if we got lost?” Watch the video below to hear more about Malachi’s harrowing tale of survival and see this wilderness boy wonder demonstrate his life-saving skills!

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