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Ahhh, the Russians. Aren’t they special? Now, we don’t tend to offend anyone, but if you’ve been on the internet for the last few years you’ve definitely seen at least one crazy video from Russia. You certainly can’t define a whole nation by few examples.

But the truth is, Russians are just great at doing crazy stuff. The wedding photos you’re about to see are not exactly under the “crazy stuff” category, but they are hilarious.

We’ve seen plenty of creative wedding photos before, but they were all romantic with a touch of humor. But these photos, on the other hand, lack the romantic part.

Some of them are clearly planned to look hilarious. But the others are just…normal according to Russian standards.

We’ve never seen a watermelon being used for a wedding photo before.

There’s always that aunt…

Love is in the air…and few chickens too.

That kitchen scene in Terminator 2.

The wedding sucked but the band was kicking!

It seems like they’re BOTH the centaur of attention!

How do you come up with stuff like this?

Bizarre wedding sense of humor.

Magic carpet?

And the rest of his life it would be other way around!

Did he drop her or is she break dancing?

This is painful even to look at!

Never mind the confusing turn of events…just look at those shoes!

Her finger is on the trigger!

Cute couple with a great sense of humor!

Is this how KGB agents propose?

There’s even a crown at the top of the car.

Finish him!

What were they thinking?

Hunger Games marriage version.

The bus stops here!

But where’s the groom?

This was probably made in Paint.

On the wings of love.

Even Chuck Norris would be proud!

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This Infuriating Math Puzzle is Literally Raving Everyone on the Internet

Mathematics is already complicated with its numbers, digits, equations, methods, etc. But the more complicating part is mathematical puzzles. Okay, if you happen to be a math geek, you probably must be wondering what the fuss is all about, it’s just simple calculations. But nope, not everyone was blessed by the Gods of Numbers.

Recently the internet has been flooded by a simple but rather confusing puzzle that constitutes a triangle diagram. And in it, there are smaller triangles. Here is a picture uploaded by journalist Jitesh Pillai on Twitter.

Let’s all begin with the first big triangle.

The tweet went viral like wildfire; people trying to solve the right number of triangles in it.

At first, when I started counting I got 13 triangles. But then I see people commenting digits starting from 1 to three digit numbers. Like are you serious? For real?

This person sees only one triangle.

Okay, Alex let’s just be polite and not say anything to hurt you.

I think you should’ve asked your math teacher in high school.

And then, folks just keep guessing the numbers in sequence.

What comes after 5, you say 6,7…….and so on.

What comes after 5, you say 6,7…….and so on.

So, here is an update, it went on and on and reached the 20’s.

The guessing game didn’t end there but wait ’till you see this tweet.
Like, how obnoxious are you Levi?

And finally, to end the train of this bizarre conundrum, we have the answer right here!
The holy grail, we bow to you Neeraj for ending this viral thread. Much appreciated.

So, the answer is 18. Problem solved. Pheww! That was a fun experience, we got to see a lot of people sharing their mathematical skills and yeah, let’s not talk about that.

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When Twin Girls Are Born They Are Full Of Joy, The The Doctor Says “I’m Sorry”

There are some things that when we hear them we are getting prepared for bad news, one of those things is when we hear people say “I’m sorry”, and it generally means they are apologizing in advance for something bad!

In really bad cases when people say it, then it’s a little like a buzz term since there is a huge probability that following it something life-changing is going to happen, forever!
When Jodi Parry and her partner Matt heard those words in the hospital about six years ago, their hearts practically lept, fluttered then missed several beats!

For the two of them, it was the second time around having children, they were both pretty scared about it, but also quite excited too, after a healthy son they were joyful about bringing two little angles, twin girls into the world!

Sadly though their happiness would take a beating and uncertainty would catch them up as the stress built as the births came around finally!

The doctor took the couple into a small waiting room and quietly spoke to them, their world would begin to spin out of control, he started:

“I’m sorry…”

The two of them were completely taken back as the doctor explained, hardly able to process what was happening to them and what it would mean, the two girls, Abigail and Isobel, had been diagnosed with a condition that would affect them forever… Down’s syndrome…

They had been trying for another baby for quite some time, even though they had a lovely little boy, called Finlay. Mom Jodi sadly had a miscarriage not long after Finlay’s birth and thought that she was prepared for anything at all!

Unfortunately, though the words of the doctor shocked her, she was not prepared for this!

It wasn’t so much the actual words but more the way the news was given to her, Jodi said that the doctor made it sound like it was a lifetime of doom, like an everlasting punishment.

The two girls were born early and had to stay in the intensive care unit for a full four weeks, things were looking pretty bad at this point.

Jodie said:

“That day, I didn’t feel like a mother. I just felt lost and confused. I had bleak visions of the future. I thought we’d be carers until we dropped dead”

From a statistical standpoint, Abigail and Isobel are really rare, the odds of giving birth to twins who are both Down’s Syndrome is one in a million, so super special they are!

Doctors said that the little girls were born with many health issues, Abigail is deaf on one side, in one ear, and Isobel had a hole in her heart…

None of what they were hearing was really what they wanted to hear, but they listened and took it all in, Matt an Jodi had no choice, they had to get on and get stuck in and do it as the reality of the situation sunk in.

Even more sadly there was such little information about children with Down’s Syndrom, no one even explained that they could live a normal life like other children and everything else…

They didn’t really realize for a little while because nobody explained to them that their family could really live a pretty normal life together!

This meant that Matt and Jodi were petrified about how things were going to workfor them all.

They didn’t even know that their girls would be able to go to school like normal children, or if they would be able to talk!

The family had to find out and do everything themselves, the hard way…

Some sympathized and felt sorry for the children, but Abigail and Isobel got along just fine with massive amounts of love and affection by those closest to their family.

Abigail said:

“When the doctor took us to one side to give us the results, he said he was sorry that Abigail and Isobel had Down’s syndrome. To this day I’ll never know what he was sorry for”

“And I think if I could ever meet him again, I would like to show him Abigail and Isobel and say, ‘Why did you say sorry because we wouldn’t change Abigail and Isobel for the world now.”

Present day, six years after the birth, the girls have proven the real prejudices that exist in the world through ignorance and small-mindedness!

Another human being is another human being, regardless of anything else, and everyone deserves a real chance at life, these two children are perfect examples of that, for sure!

Looking at this lovely family who at all could say that they are not completely happy? No one!

There are important lessons we can learn from Matt and Jodi’s experiences:

You really can be happier than you think you can, whatever your situation, even when society tells you that you are less than perfect, you can be very happy indeed!

Anyone with Down’s Syndrome should have the same opportunities as anyone else in life, SHARE and spread the word!

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15 People Who Have a Magical Appearance

Many people strive to meet regular beauty standards but they often forget that there are no boundaries to real beauty. Just look at these people!

Unbelievable eye color

This is not a doll, it’s a talented artist!

If Merida were real:

She looks like she is from a different planet.

Not a flaw, but a feature

A beauty with innate eye moles

Albino people are very rare among the Eastern population.

It’s as if there are two souls within him.

A model with unbelievably big eyes

Have you ever seen an elf with freckles?

This particular shape of eyes

It looks like she is from a different century.

True beauty doesn’t have a nationality.

There is some wild beauty in her.

There’s no such thing as too many beautiful features.

Have you ever seen people who are unconventionally beautiful? Are you one of them? Tell us about it in the comments!

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25 People Who Grew Up But Are Still Childish

“Being an adult is cool!” This is what we used to think in childhood. Years have passed, and it turned out that we were wrong. However, some people don’t think it’s cool to be adult and manage to stay childish. They still love pranks, and they don’t take a lot of stuff seriously.

This is what childhood is all about.

A great portrait! It looks very realistic.

“My boyfriend knocked over his orange juice, and the waitress brought him this.”

“My dad makes my stepmom take pictures of him doing weird things when we have record-breaking low temperatures.”

“I got this text from my boyfriend.”

“My parents asked me to house sit for them while they’re out of town. I sent them this today.”

“My 21-year-old boyfriend made his first pot of coffee this morning.”

Nothing unusual. He is going to save the world.

“I told my dad this picture of him would make him internet famous.”

“Honey, you look wonderful today!”

Prankmaster Grandma!

“My girlfriend’s dad sent me this picture of himself today.”

“I told my boyfriend he looks good in purple, and he goes to the bathroom and comes back in this.”

“It happened. I’m a Disney princess.”

“It snowed today. My dad made a snowman.”

“I leave my boyfriend at home alone with the cat for one day and come home to this.”

Someone decided to make a joke.

“Today my professor decided to match his tie with his powerpoint theme.”

“So my friend went to the DMV on Halloween.”

“I told my boyfriend the new puppy wasn’t allowed in the bed.”

“Favorite photo ever: Dad visits my place, turns on the TV, and plays Skyrim. Like father like daughter.”

This city needs Spider-Man.

“My biggest achievement in life!”

Growing up is a myth.

Bonus: This guy tried to recreate the Pixar intro.

Which of these photos seemed the funniest to you? Tell us in the comment section below!

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14 Popular Photos That Turned Out to Be Clever Fakes

You’d think everyone is aware that not everything you see on the internet is true. And yet, many people blindly believe and admire photos that sometimes turn out to be fake. How many of you thought that a cow resting on a BMW hood was skillfully fabricated? What about the photo of an iceberg that shows the top and underwater bottom? Many people use it as a desktop background. Well, it’s a fake too.

A purple forest in Scotland

A photo of the purple trees on the Isle of Skye looks so impressive that many people are eager to see it in real life. But many of them become very disappointed when they arrive here. The thing is, someone painted the forest purple in Photoshop. In fact, a real photo was taken near the Shotover River in New Zealand and then edited in Photoshop.

An island shaped like a star and a crescent

“The Island of Molokini — a natural star and a crescent — located between Maui and Kahoolawe, Hawaii” is the well-known description of the photo. The only truth here is the name of the island, Molokini, that really looks like a crescent. A star was added using a photo editor.

One drop of seawater magnified 25 times

This photo has been viral for several years. Many of you might be surprised at the amount of plankton in just one drop of seawater. However, the title of the photo is quite confusing. In fact, you would have to filter the amount of water enough to fill a swimming pool with a special net to gather that much plankton. After the filtration, all these organisms would fit into a glass. Therefore, that much plankton can be found in dozens of tons of water — not in one drop. Besides, you can see the side of a Petri dish in this photo.

A woman sitting like a frog

Obviously, this photo was edited and many people were amazed by the woman’s flexibility. But the photo on the right is the only real one.

An iceberg underwater

This well-known photo that many people like to use as a desktop background is actually a combination of 4 separate images. According to the author of the image, Ralph Clevenger, the photo of the clouds was taken in Santa Barbara, California, the top of the iceberg was shot in Antarctica, the bottom part — in Alaska. Besides, it was an ordinary photo of an iceberg that Ralph turned upside down and placed it underwater in his image. Thanks to the right lighting of the bottom in the photo editor, the iceberg turned out to be very impressive. But now we know the truth.

A shark swimming on the Houston highway during the hurricane flooding

This eerie photo has become viral on social network websites after the strike of Hurricane Irma in September 2017. However, it’s just a clever composition of 2 photos. Here’s the original photo of a shark.

Photos of sharks swimming on highways became quite popular during almost every extreme weather event since 2011.

A 4 y.o. boy protecting his sister after an earthquake in Nepal

This photograph became popular after the earthquake that happened on April 25, 2015 in Nepal. That is when numerous photographs of the tragedy, including this photo, were submitted to social network websites. The photo shows a boy hugging his scared sister. However, the photo was taken in Vietnam in 2007 by photographer Na Son Nguyen. As he told BBC News, he met these children in one of the villages in Vietnam. They were playing while their parents were busy at work, but as the girl saw a stranger she started crying and the boy hugged her.

This photo became viral among the Vietnamese Facebook users who titled it “the lost orphans.” Then the photo was used to show “the Burmese orphans,” as well as “the victims of the civil war in Syria.” The photographer even had to write on his Twitter account where he actually took the photo in the first place.

This is what happens when lightning strikes sand:

A photo under such a title can often be seen on the internet. The truth is, when lightning strikes sand, it can form fulgurites, also known as the petrified bolts of lightning. They can only form in the sand, not above its surface. The photo above shows a piece of log covered with wet sand. This is one of the artworks made by Sandcastle Matt, who uploads the photos of his unusual hobby on Flickr.

A cow getting warm on the hood of a car

At the beginning of 2013, a photo of a cow resting on a car’s hood first appeared on the internet. At first, the image didn’t draw much attention. But on October 18, 2013, Surrey Roads Policing Unit published this image on Twitter under the title: “Remember as days get colder animals are attracted to the warmth of cars so check wheel arches or other hiding places.”

The post has launched the image into the stratosphere of popularity and since then it was published thousands of times on different websites. In fact, the cow was edited in Photoshop, otherwise, the front of the car would’ve been crushed under the weight. The author of the photobomb is unknown, but Surrey Roads Policing Unit played a major role in the popularization of the image.

A monster cat

The photo started to spread all over the internet in 2003. The title said that Snowball weighed 87 lb and his mother lived in a nuclear power plant. In fact, the cat’s name is Jumper and he’s a regular-sized cat. His owner Cordell Hauglie made a joke by enlarging the cat in Photoshop and then showed the image to his friends. He had no idea just how popular he and his pet would become!

Steven Seagal photobombing Vladimir Putin

During his visit to Russian Martial Arts schools, actor Steven Seagal was photographed with Vladimir Putin and other important figures. As soon as the photo was uploaded on the internet, a similar fake photo appeared in which the actor is seen photobombing the Russian president. Many people believed the photo was real, but the actor behaved correctly and didn’t photobomb the president.

The Scream in Theresa May’s office

In September 2016, a photo of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Theresa May, and 27 members of Cabinet ministers surfaced on the internet. The photo became viral because of Edvard Munch’s The Scream hanging on the wall. But the photo turned out to be fake and the real photo shows a completely different work of art.

A carved cabinet that looks like a photo glitch

This photo appeared on the internet in 2013. Many websites claim that it is “A carefully carved cabinet that looks like a digital glitch.” Actually, it’s a computer concept of furniture made from oak designed by Ferruccio Laviani. The end-product of the design was a bedside table that was presented during the furniture exhibition in 2013 in Italy. Therefore, the photo above shows just a digital concept, not a real cabinet.

The other side of Jupiter

There’s an interesting story behind this photo. Many people doubted its authenticity and are sure it was edited. They also use the photo below as proof.

When you first look at the semi-sphere, you have doubts about the authenticity of the photo of the biggest planet in the Solar System. The truth is the first photo is a real image that was actually sent back by the Cassini space probe around Saturn. At the end of 2000, on its way to Saturn, Cassini took a photo of Jupiter’s south pole. You can see this photo on NASA’s website.

But in this case, the “proof” photo is actually a fake: the photo of Jupiter was edited and pasted onto a ball. Those who still have doubts can watch this video, where this ball is cut in half.

Do you know of any other popular photos that are totally fake? Maybe you even have some edited photos of your own! If so, share them with us in the comments!

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Teen’s Photo Is ‘Too Inappropriate’ For Yearbook But Then She Calls Out Topless Boys’ Swim Team

Do you remember taking your senior portraits in high school?

The rules for my school were pretty strict. Girls had to wear white tops while guys had to wear a suit and tie.

But for plenty of other high school seniors, the rules are much more relaxed. Many teens take their senior portraits outside, dressed in their favorite outfit.

That’s exactly what one high school senior named Eleanor decided to do.

Eleanor donned a pretty yellow top and headed out to a nearby field to take her pretty senior portraits. But when she submitted them, her school refused to put the photos in the yearbook.

They said her photos were “too inappropriate” because her bralette was visible.

But when Eleanor held her senior picture side-by-side with pictures of the boys’ swim team, she pointed out an important double standard.

Keep reading to see the pictures.

Thumbnail Photos: Twitter / elfitzwilliams

One of the many highlights of senior year of high school is getting senior portraits taken. For lots of students, it’s a chance to dress up in an outfit that makes them feel great and take some gorgeous pictures. That was the case for Eleanor.

For her senior photo, Eleanor decided to wear a cute mustard-yellow top. Underneath the top, she wore a white, lacy bralette.

Eleanor looks happy and glowing in her pictures — but when she submitted them to school, she was told they were “too inappropriate.”

When Eleanor learned that she had to retake her photos, she was upset. She posted this side-by-side image of her rejected yearbook picture next to the official yearbook picture of the boys’ swim team.

Eleanor pointed out that she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the swim team’s picture — just like she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with her own picture.

Thousands of people online responded to Eleanor’s comparison image. One dad said his daughter is in a similar situation right now, which is really taking a toll on her mental health.

Others say that you can’t really compare a sports uniform with an outfit.

But plenty of people were supporting Eleanor, saying she shouldn’t have to retake her photos because the picture wasn’t inappropriate in the first place.

What do you think? Is Eleanor’s photo just fine, or does her school have a point?

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An “Untouchable” From India Fell in Love With an Aristocrat and Proved to the Entire World That Love Has No Boundaries

When hearing captivating stories about love, many of us sigh and say, “This is something that can only happen in movies,” because the majority of great declarations of love aren’t usually an everyday thing. The hero of this article proved with his beautiful and fearless act of love that there is a place for real love in this world.

How it all started

The story of the love between Pradyumna Kumar Mahanandia and Charlotte Von Schedvin began way before their first meeting. In India, where Pradyumna was born, families are accustomed to visiting an astrologist when a child is born. The astrologist predicted that despite tradition, the child would marry an aristocrat from a far-away country who was born under the sign of Taurus, was able to play flute, and possessed a great amount of forest land.

Their meeting

Pradyumna had a difficult childhood as he belonged to the lowest caste of untouchability of Indian society. “I was treated worse than stray dogs and cattle.” Pradyumna remembers, “When I passed by a temple, people threw rocks at me.”

During his youth, Pradyumna drew portraits on the streets of Delhi where he encountered Charlotte Von Schedvin, a Swedish tourist. He remembered his prediction at once and began asking her questions while drawing her portrait. What was her Zodiac sign? Taurus. Did she play the flute? Yes, flute and piano. It also turned out that her family owned forest lands. This part of the prediction also turned out to be true. “It all fits,” Pradyumna said, “you are meant to be my wife.”

After that, the couple became involved romantically and they soon got married in Pradyumna’s village in line with local tradition.


This story wouldn’t have been so beautiful if there was no separation — Charlotte had to come back to Sweden. Pradyumna promised to join her there as soon as he could.

The spouses lived separately for 16 months and wrote letters to each other. Pradyumna understood that he couldn’t live without his beloved any longer. He sold all his possessions but it was still not enough to buy an air ticket. He ended up buying a used bicycle for 60 rupees, said good-bye to his family, and hit the road with 200 rupees in his pocket.

The road

His journey began on January 22, 1977. There were 5 months of traveling ahead of him. Pradyumna covered 45 miles every day. By the time he reached Sweden, he had covered over 6,000 miles.

“I was very tired. My legs ached but my desire to see Charlotte pushed me forward. My art saved me, I drew portraits of people who paid with money, food or a place to sleep at night.”

During those times, many countries didn’t demand visas for entrance, which made his journey easier, but when he reached Sweden, Immigration refused to let Pradyumna into the country. Authorities didn’t believe his story, they thought it was too extraordinary. But as soon as they called Charlotte, they understood that his story was true and they let him pass.

Pradyumna was asked whether it was possible for migrating poor people to make the same journey during present times, he answered, “Yes. If you really want it, everything becomes possible. Of course, such a journey is more difficult now, but it is still possible. Fear and doubts are our main foes. It is them that make our life more complicated.”


Pradyumna reached Boras on May 28, 1977, and finally met Charlotte after being separated from her for 2 long years.

“We couldn’t talk. We just cried in each other’s embrace.”

For the sake of Charlotte’s happiness, her parents forgot about the rules that didn’t allow nobility to marry people with dark skin. The couple married again in 1979, in accordance with Swedish laws.

40 years later

Since the moment of their reunion, more than 40 years have passed. Despite this long period of time, Pradyumna says that he still can’t believe his happiness. He doubts whether he would have been capable to conquer Charlotte’s heart in current times when people from all over the world can stay connected via the internet. But Pradyumna never doubts one thing: “Your fate is something that you make with your own hands.”

When asked about the secret of their love, the couple says that there is no secret. The main thing is to be sincere, to understand each other, and to respect each other.

Since the moment of their reunion, more than 40 years have passed. Despite this long period of time, Pradyumna says that he still can’t believe his happiness. He doubts whether he would have been capable to conquer Charlotte’s heart in current times when people from all over the world can stay connected via the internet. But Pradyumna never doubts one thing: “Your fate is something that you make with your own hands.”

When asked about the secret of their love, the couple says that there is no secret. The main thing is to be sincere, to understand each other, and to respect each other.

This true story of the power of love is a beautiful example of just how possible everything can be when 2 people are in love. If someone is in love and has a goal, there’s no obstacle that can deter them from their path. Lack of money, distance, prejudice, and any other things that stand in the way between 2 people in love are seen only as small hurdles.

We really admired the story of this Indian artist and his beloved. What did you think was the most interesting part of this story? Do you have your own incredible love story that you’d like to share with us?

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Top 5 Bedtime Drinks To Lose Excess Weight

People are constantly struggling with excess weight. In fact, the National Institute of Health states that 75% of Americans are overweight. What’s even more disturbing is that they also state that 33% of those people are obese. Obesity and certain conditions such as insomnia and other sleep disorders have a connection with excess weight. According to scientists at the University of Chicago, when you are deprived of sleep, it can impair your metabolism and disrupt your hormone levels. So, below you will find the top bedtime drinks that will help you get rid of excess weight.

Milk: According to Men’s Health a glass of milk (cold or warm) can help you sleep more soundly because it contains high levels of calcium and tryptophan. Also, one way to get rid of excess fat is to turn it into muscle. According to research from Medicine and Science In Sports Exercise, Milk’s casein protein is slow digesting so it can help build muscle overnight.
Apple Psyllium Drink: According to the Daily Health Post the apples in this drink limit the absorption of fat from the gut and also make it easier for your body to break down the fats into fatty acids. In addition, a 2003 study published in PubMed shows that consuming three apples a day contributes to weight loss. The Daily Health Post states that when the body consumes psyllium, it expands to form a gel-like mass by drawing water from the colon. This helps move waste from the colon more quickly. To make this drink, all you need is one apple, one cup of cold water, two teaspoons of 100% psyllium husk/powder, and ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon. To make this drink, cut up the apple with the skin on it and blend it with the water until it’s smooth. Then pour the mixture into a large cup and stir the psyllium and cinnamon powder with it. Drink it immediately after mixing is complete.
Grape Juice: Grape juice contains insulin; and according to research that is published in Cell Reports, insulin has the ability to regulate the body’s circadian rhythms. In addition, a study found in the 2015 International Journal of Obesity found that resveratrol, which is an antioxidant found in grapes, actually converts calorie-storing white fat into calorie-burning brown fat.

Kefir: Men’s Health states that kefir helps increase the levels of healthy bacteria in the gut, which increases proper digestion and helps absorb minerals and vitamins more effectively. In addition, research found in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that kefir helps improve sleep.

Soy Protein Shake: According to research from Birmingham University, soy protein can help improve sleep by inducing melatonin. Also, the tryptophan found in this beverage can help decrease cortisol levels., which will help fight belly fat.
Cherry Aloe Vera Drink: According to a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, tart cherry juice produces significant reductions of insomnia. Another study found in the European Journal of Nutrition explains that tart cherry juice can increase melatonin levels which will improve sleep quality. Aloe Vera gel contains powerful vitamins, enzymes, saponins, lignin, and minerals, that can help with weight loss according to the Daily Health Post.

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Selfie From Top Of Everest Attempts To Destroy Flat-Earth Theory Once And For All

We are in the year 2018, and to our utter dismay, there is still a segment of the population that requires photo evidence that the earth is in fact not flat. Although anyone who has a particle-sized belief in science knows this is ridiculous in the extreme, there are skeptics that nonetheless make articles like this sadly necessary.

One Reddit user by the name of amazed_spirit posted a selfie of a man standing atop Mount Everest which features the Earth looking incontrovertibly not flat in an attempt to debunk the flat Earth theory once and for all. While we certainly applaud his efforts, haters will say it’s photoshop or just the clever use of a fisheye lens.

Why do we think this to be true? For one, we’ve lost hope in their capacity to recognize and accept scientific evidence. Sadly, flat-earthers may not be the biggest group in the room, but they are often the loudest. Remember, they are the same collection of conspiracy theorists who also managed to spin the most ludicrous narrative that the moon landing was a hoax. Nothing is safe from their fiction, their imagination is boundless.
In case you’ve skipped several elementary school classes, Mount Everest is the highest mountain above sea level. It’s located in the Mahalangur Himal sub-range of the Himalayas and sits at the border between China and Nepal. Its elevation rises to 8,848 meters or 29,029 ft.

Most of the Reddit thread consists of people saying things like “I still don’t understand how this is even a discussion in 2018.” However, some (such as Reddit user SadConfiguration) have explained that, while flat-earthers are indeed delusional, the lens used in the photo is either a fisheye lens or GoPro which will curve a shot to provide a more panoramic view.

Unfortunately, even if the image wasn’t taken with a fish-eye lens, flat-earthers will look for another reason to undermine fact in favor of make-belief. What even is the point of anything.

A perfect example of flat earth delusion is Connor Murphy, son of notorious flat-earther Dave Murphy, who had the most convoluted and bizarre explanation for why, if the Earth is flat, we don’t fall off the edge of the world.

According to Connor: “Fall off into what, do you know what I’m saying? The way we see it is it’s an enclosed system. There’s water above, there’s the firmament – or the dome – and there’s water above it and water below it and there’s no leaving it, there’s no finding other Suns and stuff. You can’t fall off the edge, essentially.”