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25 Pictures That Will Make Anyone Want to Live

If you’ve been feeling a bit blue lately and don’t know what to do to lift your spirits, then we recommend that you make some tea, get comfortable, and start scrolling through these delightful photos!

Man’s best friend

True love

A shepherd and his future assistants

The capybara is hugging a cat. They are very social animals.

An 83-year-old man makes money mowing lawns.

The man’s 20-year-old truck died so he’d been pushing his lawnmower several miles just to get to each house. One of his customers started a GoFundMe page earlier this month, raised $13,000 for a new truck and had enough money left over to pay for the insurance and buy him a new lawnmower.

“My cousin really went swimming with a goat and they both look happy.”

“Today my mom drove 2 hours to my college to bring me homemade snowman cookies. No explanation why.”

A gazelle entered a shop in the state of Colorado. The owner decided to give him some chocolate and cookies. He left and half an hour later, he came back with his entire family.

“While shopping for a tree this year, my husband and I spotted an ugly misfit — oval-shaped and flat on the top with a huge gap in the middle. We were instantly inspired! Meet Oscarmas.”

“My son accidentally left his favorite stuffed animal, Hamilton, on my dad’s farm. My dad had some fun making a story out of it.”

“This dog likes to hold its owner’s hand at all times. You can pet him and right after that, he will return to his owner to ask him to hold his hand. I see him every time and it melts my heart.”

“Got a new puppy a few weeks ago. I bought her a large doggy bed and 100% expected the cats to try and steal it from her. I came into the living room to find this instead.”

“He looks like a polar bear during his baths.”

Have you ever seen a happier seal?

“Someone in my building is a much better human than I am.”

This dalmatian has heart-shaped spots on his eyes:

You thought there was no way to make a llama cuter? How about a lobster suit?

Looks like he realized what his Christmas present is…

“He is a failed guide dog — failed for being too friendly. But now he is a disability support dog and my newest best friend. Every day he enjoys a carrot because he is a very good boy.”

A kangaroo who loves the Sun

“My mom works at a hospital and they have this service dog go around to cheer up patients. Here he is earlier today full of Christmas spirit.”

A baby bird with a little sweater that’s too big for her but warms the feathers

The cutest predator

“My friend’s colleague brought her new puppy to work today.”

Who can say “no” to a swing?

What helps you when you’re in a bad mood? Share your happiest photos in the comment section below!

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17 Hilarious Desktop Wallpapers That Are Actually Genius

It’s amazing how the creativity of some people seems to have absolutely no boundaries! Even a minor detail such as a desktop wallpaper can be turned into a masterpiece.

Organization skills — level 90


A cookie for this genius!

Durden knows what’s important.

This desktop is cosmic:


Explorer is terrifying.

What could possibly be in this folder?

The best use of 2 screens

Another great idea for dual monitors

And that’s how you arrange 4 monitors:

This guy is a genius!

I’ll just go and enjoy the view from my window…

The time has come to make a choice, Mr. Anderson.

Great idea for all the football fans out there

I’ll just leave this here.

Poor, poor Explorer…

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Watch in Horror as This Man Dismantles a Gigantic Yellow Jacket Nest

Some things can never be unseen, and a video of a gigantic hornets’ nest being disturbed by the man tasked with removing it is one of those things.

On Tuesday, an insect-removing superhero named Jude Verret posted a truly terrifying video to his Youtube account, Stinger Creations, detailing his recent encounter with an enormous wasps’ nest.

“We got here, what I would say, is the grandaddy of hornets’ nests,” he says as he surveys the massive humming structure that’s taken over half of an outdoor shed, before stating that the insects are in fact European yellow jackets.

Based in Morgan City, Louisiana, Verret runs an insect removal and bee keeping company called Stinger Creations. The man has clearly done this before, so there’s no need to get too stressed out as you watch.

With a go-pro attached to his body to provide the most nail-biting visual experience, Varret starts to dismantle the nest, which has managed to engulf several contents of the shed, including metal rods, screen window frames and a basketball.

As he tries to narrate what he’s looking at, the buzz of the yellow jackets is so loud it overpowers any other sound. Dressed in a white hazmat suite with gloved hands, viewers get to watch in horror as he physically rips apart the nest’s mass. At time of writing his first video had been viewed over 63,000 times.

In this second video, he starts spraying down the dismantled nest with insecticide. Then he pulls out a gigantic piece, the central organism of the nest.

Based on the sheer number of yellow jackets, this nest had multiple queens, and you can see them up close when Verret lays the entire thing out on the grass after removing it from the shed.

Yellow jackets are a common wasp in North America. Generally, wasp nests don’t last through the winter, but in temperate climates like Louisiana, a nest can endure through the winter months if the days don’t get too cold.

A mild winter can allow the worker wasps to keep building the nest, eventually forming humongous structures and breeding colonies of hundreds of thousands of yellow jackets. Attics, barns, and even old cars can serve as the perfect ground zero for a gigantic yellow jacket colony.

Collecting honey from bees is now as easy as turning on a tap. Check out this video to find out how.

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Mexico’s Hottest Weather Girl Stuns With Her Jaw-Dropping Body Transformation

Being a weather girl is an important job. In the age of smartphones, it’s harder than ever to capture people’s attention and encourage them to get more comprehensive news from the TV, but that’s not a problem for Mexico’s hottest meteorologist Yanet Garcia.

The 27-year-old has been stunning audiences around the country with her shockingly good looks, which have only got better over time.

As you’ll see from the video, the stunning weather girl had a boyfriend when it was taken, however, it looks like she could now be on the market again after she and her possible ex-beau, Doug Marti, posted cryptic Tweets about being heartbroken at the weekend.

While these tweets could be a reference to a number of difficult personal events, such as the death of someone close to Garcia and Marti, it seems more than likely that the one loved-up couple has decided to part ways.

A day before these tweets were posted, the pair posted a lighthearted video of themselves having fun, and, it’s no wonder, as Garcia has recently unveiled her incredible transformation from a conventionally slight beautiful woman to a fit and toned goddess.

With hard work and determination, the 27-year-old has bulked up her body, proving that while skinny looks good, looking fit and lean looks even better. This is something which has been praised by a number of news agencies.

Garcia is featured below working out her incredible booty. Kim Kardashian might have got a famous derriere under the knife, but this weather girl is a testament to the fact that sometimes the natural route yields more impressive results.

These photographs come as part of a wider “strong not skinny” movement which is encouraging women to get fitter instead of just thinner.

“I work every day super strong, and I give my best to achieve the clear objectives that I have,” Garcia said of her transformation.

However, as is the case for so many beautiful women, Garcia is not without her haters, some of whom have accused her of surgically enhancing her appearance.

While there is no denying that Garcia has a naturally beautiful face, her critics argued that it would be physically impossible for a woman with her frame to obtain a bum that toned and firm without the help of a surgeon.

Garcia’s body, however, is not just the result of going to the gym. She claims that she spends a lot of her free time working on her physique, frequently boxing and jogging too.

Needless to say, the weather girl-turned-model has a lot of fans online, and, to date, she has over 5.6 million followers on Instagram.

The Mexico-native currently lives in New York, and her fans consistently praise her stunning pictures, writing comments such as “Hot so hot”.

Garcia was described by Cosmopolitan as having one of Instagram’s “most bubblelicious butts”.

We wish the meteorologist all the best in her future career and hope that she and her boyfriend haven’t recently split…

But if they have, we’re confident that she’ll soon find a replacement.

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Woman Plans Divorce Photoshoot Where She Sets Her Own Wedding Dress on Fire

It’s safe to say that no couple gets married with the intention of eventually getting a divorce. So that’s why for many people, divorces can be painful, traumatic, and messy. Here, one woman decided to take matters into her own hands—by having a photoshoot in honor of her divorce. The photoshoot involved her burning her wedding dress in an attempt to start her new lease on life in a blaze of glory.

What are your thoughts on this? Share them with us in the comments below!

Photoshoot. A woman named Katlyn McKee is making headlines after she was featured in an epic photoshoot that involves her drinking a bottle of wine and setting her wedding dress on fire. The 25-year-old woman had just gotten a divorce and used the photoshoot as a way to celebrate.

Growing apart. According to the Daily Mail UK, McKee and her ex-husband had been together for ten years and married for four before they decided to end things. McKee blames growing apart as the reason for their divorce, despite the fact that they also share a six-year-old daughter.

Relationship. “My relationship wasn’t a good one, so it was a relief to finally be free. We’d been together since I was 16, and married for four years. We grew apart,” said McKee, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Divorce. Although the McKee and her ex-husband are divorcing, they are still amicable with each other, and McKee is now dating someone else. However, she wanted to celebrate her new lease on life and the final chapter of her previous relationship by having a photoshoot.

Research. “I did a bit of research but all the ideas were my own and it was exactly the way I wanted to do it. It was like my rebellion against the marriage, my way of saying I’m free. We went out to this little area with mud and water and I had a bottle of wine and a gas canister in a basket,” said McKee, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Destroyed. Once they got set up, McKee went into the muddy water and began to dirty the dress, which cost about $1,500, before cutting it up with a pair of scissors. The finale came when she took the canister of gas and poured it all over her dress, before setting it on fire.

Liberating. “I cracked open the wine, took it off and then set it on fire. I watched it burn while I drank the wine. It was very liberating, exciting and empowering. It actually ended up being quite sexy because I stripped down to my underwear,” said McKee, as reported by the Daily Mal UK.

Volunteered. Shockingly, when McKee’s ex-husband heard about what she was doing, he volunteered to be in it. He suggested that McKee could playfully pretend to punch him in the face in the photos, but she told him she preferred to do the shoot alone.

Happy. “My friends thought it was awesome and I had loads of people getting in touch saying they wish they’d done the same thing. I was really happy with it all and I loved the way it turned out,” said McKee, as reported by the Daily Mail UK.

Framed. Overall, the photoshoot took about two hours, and now McKee says she plans on framing the prints and placing them all over her home. While most new boyfriends wouldn’t be ok with this, McKee says her new partner is perfectly fine with the photos.

New relationships. ”I don’t have any on display at the minute but I’m planning on it. I’m now happily in a new relationship and he really likes the pictures,” McKee told the Daily Mail UK.

Others. Another woman named Khristella Joseph wound up taking a similar route as McKee after her wedding was called off and she was stuck with her wedding dress. When no one decided to buy the dress, she decided to burn it instead.

Bad memory. “I’m getting ready to burn this bad a—s memory. There goes the end of the bad memory of a wedding dress somebody pays for and says that your relationship is just a ‘joke and they never loved or cared about you in the first place,’” wrote Joseph via her Facebook.

Video. Joseph recorded the entire thing and posted it on Facebook. “Well, there you have it. It’s gone up in flames. Ashes to ashes dust to dust,” she said.

You. What do you think of this trend that sees women burning their wedding dresses? Would you ever do something like this? Why or why not? Let us know what you think!

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This Guy Has Been Sending Breakup Texts To Random Numbers And The Results Are Hilarious

Probably one of the worst ways someone can break up with you is over text, but what if you don’t know the person? This is what comedian Mike Primavera has been doing over the last year. Here’s what he had to say about his fun social experiment:

“Honestly, I started doing it out of boredom. Most of the numbers I texted didn’t even respond, but then one did and they actually played along. Since I’ve been doing this it’s been about 50/50 either people getting mad, or people going along with it. Almost like random spontaneous improv. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Personally I hope Mike continues this game, and maybe one day I’ll get a random breakup text too. Here are 35 of the best ones I found.

1. Don’t worry, the address is for The Church of Scientology 😂



































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Ten discoveries that no one can explain

The history of the world is full of surprising mysteries. None of us will live long enough to see them all solved. But it’s always interesting to have a look at some of the truly bizarre things which lie beneath the surface.

1. Moa Birds
Moa birds were flightless birds that used to inhabit New Zealand, which became extinct around the year 1500. They were killed off, according to one theory, by the Māori people. During an expedition in the twentieth century, scientists stumbled across a very large claw from one of the birds which had somehow been incredibly well preserved for centuries.

2. The Temple Complex of Saksaywaman, Peru
The perfect stonework of this ancient temple complex, which was completed without the use of a single drop of mortar, is truly amazing. In some cases, it’s impossible to pass even a piece of paper between the stones. Every block, moreover, has a smooth surface and rounded corners. How was it constructed? No one knows.

3. Gate of the Sun, Bolivia
The Gate of the Sun can be found in Tiwanaku — an ancient and mysterious city in Bolivia. Some archaeologists believe that it was the centre of a huge empire during the first millenium AD. No one has any idea what the carvings on the Gate are meant to mean. Possibly, they have some astrological or astronomical significance.

4. The Longyou Caves, China
These caves were gouged out of sandstone by human hands. Such difficult work would have required the participation of thousands of people. Yet there is no mention of these caves, or the methods used to construct them, anywhere in historical records.

5. The Unfinished Obelisk, Egypt
This obelisk initially began to be carved straight out of a rock face, but it appears that it began to crack. It was left in this condition, unfinished. Its size is simply staggering!

6. The Underwater City of Yonaguni, Japan
This ancient complex was discovered by chance by diving instructor Kihachiro Aratake. The underwater city has confounded all scientific theories. The rock from which it is carved was submerged underwater about 10,000 years ago — long before even the Egyptian pyramids were erected. Some archaeologists believe that during this primitive era, people still huddled in caves and lived off edible roots rather than hunted; they certainly couldn’t erect stone cities.

7. Mohenjo-daro (’The Mound of the Dead’), Pakistan
The secret of this city’s downfall has perplexed experts for decades. In 1922, the Indian archaeologist R. D. Banerji discovered ancient ruins on one of the islands in the Indus River. Questions arose: how was this great city destroyed? What happened to its inhabitants? Numerous excavations have not offered any answers.

8. L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada
This archaeological site in Canada was once a settlement founded by the Vikings about a thousand years ago. The fact that it exists indicates that the Scandinavian seafarers reached North America long before the birth of Christopher Columbus.

9. Stone-Age Tunnels
The discovery of an extensive network of underground tunnels, which stretch across all of Europe from Scotland to Turkey, shows that stone-age communities were not simply hunter-gatherers. But the real purposes of the tunnels is still a mystery. Some researchers believe they were used as protection against predators, whilst others believe they provided a way to travel around in safety, protected from the rigours of the weather and various conflicts.

10. The giant stone spheres of Costa Rica
These mysterious stone formations are intriguing not only for their perfectly spherical shape, but also on account of their unknown origins and purpose. They were discovered in the 1930s by workers clearing the jungle from a banana plantation. Local legends suggested that the mysterious spheres contained hidden gold, but they turned out to be empty.

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VIRAL VIDEO: Man reportedly kicked out of McDonald’s after buying homeless man food

MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina — A Facebook video of a man being asked to leave a Myrtle Beach McDonald’s, after he reportedly paid for a homeless man’s meal, has gone viral within 8 hours of it being posted.

The video showing an altercation between Yossi Gallo and a police officer was posted to Facebook Thursday and immediately sparked outrage.

Gallo claims the whole incident started after he brought the man into McDonald’s to buy him a meal.

“I waved him down and said, ‘Hey, are you hungry?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ So, I went in there with him and as soon as we went inside, the lady at the register says ‘You’re not getting food,” Gallo told CNN.

In the video, the officer is seen telling the homeless man, later identified by the officer as James Davis, after he finished eating, that he needed to exit the building and was not allowed to return.

She claimed the reason he was asked to leave was that several people reported the man had begged them for food.

“Okay, we’re here because apparently, he’s asked multiple people … okay, multiple people have complained so it’s not just you,” the officer said to Gallo.

After seeing that Davis was upset, the good Samaritan jumped to his defense saying, “He didn’t ask me for food. I saw him across the street and I brought him over here.”

The situation quickly escalated …”You guys suck, I’ll never be back here,” a furious Gallo yelled. “You guys suck!”

Gallo was asked to quiet down by the restaurant’s manager who said he was being disorderly.

“I’m just asking you to quiet down,” the manager said. “I don’t even know what’s going on but you’re yelling … that’s inappropriate.”

“What’s going on is you suck,” Gallo yelled back.

“Yeah, and you do too,” the manager replied.

Moments later he continued, “Sir, sir, sir … clam down. I understand your compassion for others, I do, but you do not have to raise your voice that way.”

Then, the officer gathered Davis’ information, said he could no longer visit the restaurant, and asked him to leave.

Davis nodded and said, “Okay, I won’t come back no more.”

After Gallo continued to yell, the officer then asked him to leave.

“I’m getting kicked out of here ‘cuz I gave a homeless guy food, by the way, guys,” Gallo yelled to other customers.

The manager asked Gallo to leave once again because he was being “disorderly.”

“No, because I’m being loud, because I’m telling you what you did was wrong,” Gallo said.

The exchange continued for several more minutes as Gallo asked for a receipt for his food.

Eventually, Gallo and Davis left together.

“Come, I’ll buy you food somewhere else .. come, jump in my car,” he called to Davis.

“I didn’t have no money,” Davis cried.

“I know you didn’t.”

“You know what you did was wrong, you know that already,” Gallo yelled back at the officer standing outside. “Deep inside you, you know that.”

Gallo said he was disheartened by the incident saying, “Sometimes I hate the world.” ABC11 has reached out for further comment.

Following the incident, Myrtle Beach police captain Joey Crosby issued this statement to Myrtle Beach Online:

“Officers were dispatched to the location after receiving a call from an employee of the business, that a male was in the parking lot asking people for money,” said Capt. Joey Crosby of the Myrtle Beach Police Department in a prepared statement. “Upon arriving at the restaurant, an employee approached the officer and indicated the male was inside the establishment The employee requested the officer issue a trespassing warning and asked that the person leave the premises. The officer advised the male of the request made by the business and issued the warning.”

WPDE-TV reached out to the manager but he has yet to comment.

Source : ABC7NY

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White lion and white tiger had babies together and they’re the most adorable things on Earth

White lion and white tiger had babies together and they’re the most adorable things on Earth

Meet Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, and Apolo: four of the rarest big cats in the world!

These adorable brothers are ligers—lion-tiger hybrids. Ligers are extremely rare. There are only about 1,000 of them in the world, and most of these animals live in captivity.

Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, and Apolo are even rarer than other ligers. They’re believed to be the first white ligers ever born!
The brothers’ parents are Ivory, a white lion, and Saraswati, a white tiger. White lions and tigers are almost as rare as ligers—there are just 1,200 white tigers and 300 white lions in the world.

Ivory, Saraswati, and their cubs live at the T.I.G.E.R. Sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
This sanctuary has successfully bred ligers before. One of their ligers, Hercules, is the biggest cat in the world according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Hercules is 922 pounds, but despite his big size, he’s still a sweetheart who loves playing with his handlers and his new nephews.

Hercules’s nephews may be tiny now, but soon, they’ll be just as big as their uncle.
Yeti, Odlin, Sampson, and Apolo are gaining about a pound of weight a day. Dr. Antle, the founder of the T.I.G.E.R Sanctuary, is amazed by the cubs’ growth. He told the Daily Mail:

“I skip a day seeing them and it looks like they’ve doubled in size. It’s like someone’s blowing them up with a tire pump.”

The liger cubs love swimming like tigers and are sociable like lions. They also have their own unique personality traits. Apollo is the smallest of the four, and he also behaves the most like a house cat. The little animal loves curling up with his handlers and having them pet him.

Yeti is the most boisterous of the four, and he always wants to be the center of attention. He’s also the biggest of the four cats—Dr. Antle thinks that he may end up even being bigger than his uncle Hercules.

By the time they’re two years old, Dr. Antle believes that all four cats will be at least 10 feet tall and weigh around 750 pounds. It’s hard to imagine these tiny animals getting that big!

These four liger cubs are truly one-of-a-kind. Check out the video below to see the adorable cats in action!

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Artist Creates Drawings That Show What Mental Illness Really Feels Like

Mental illnesses and disorders are often romanticized or brushed off, and that’s not right.

That’s why initiatives like #SickNotWeak are so important. Started in 2009 by sports broadcaster Michael Landsberg, the organization is working to break the stigma around mental illness with raw and honest discussion.

Artist Shawn Cross has taken the liberty of drawing his own depiction of mental illnesses and disorders each day to show the raw and scary truth behind them.

1. Borderline Personality Disorder
Borderline personality disorder typically starts in young people or adults. People who suffer from BPD have trouble regulating their thoughts and emotions and can become impulsive and reckless. They can also experience unstable intense relationships and a distorted self-image.

2. Insomnia
There are two kinds of insomnia. One is where you can’t fall asleep but it’s not directly linked to any other health issue. The other is where a health condition, pain, medication, or substance abuse is involved.

3. Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder
This disorder affects children. They will go up to, and talk to, strangers, but they don’t see the potential danger.

4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
People with OCD obsess over thoughts, urges, or images. The things they can’t let go of cause anxiety and their compulsions are an attempt to reduce this anxiety. Cleaning is one obsession most commonly known as simply organizing things. People with OCD understand their obsessions don’t make sense but they feel they can’t control them.

5. Cotard’s Delusion
This is a rare mental illness that causes the person to think they are dead, figuratively or literally.

6. Bipolar Disorder
People with bipolar disorder experience dramatic mood, energy, and activity changes. They can go from very upbeat and energized (called manic episodes) to sad and hopeless (called depressive episodes).

7. Dependent Personality Disorder
Someone with dependent personality disorder can be “clingy,” which is brought on by fear. They are unable to or have difficulty making everyday decisions unless they are reassured and given advice.

8. Major Depressive Disorder
This is also known as clinical or unipolar depression. A person with depression experiences extreme low moods and feelings of hopelessness. It can also be linked to other illness and disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorder, and insomnia.

9. Social Anxiety Disorder
This is one type of anxiety disorder where the person has an irrational fear of being in social situations. They can become self-conscious and fearful of being watched, judged, or criticized.

10. Schizophrenia
People with schizophrenia may hear voices that tell them what to do and they may feel they are controlled by the voices or being plotted against by them. Those with schizophrenia may say or do things that they wouldn’t normally do.

11. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
People with PTSD have suffered a trauma that involved death, almost dying, or being seriously injured such as an accident, war, or natural disaster. This illness causes the person to feel as if they are reliving the traumatic event over and over. They will also avoid anything that reminds them of the event.

12. Anorexia Nervosa
Anorexia is a fear of gaining weight and doing anything to prevent it. No matter what a person with anorexia does to lose weight and prevent gaining any, they do not see themselves as skinny enough. The results are damaging to their health and can cause death.

13. Autism Spectrum Disorder
The autism spectrum is vast and there are different levels that people fall on. The common signs of autism are trouble with social interaction and communication. Often the mouth can’t say what the mind is trying to express.

14. Depersonalization Disorder
A person with depersonalization or derealization disorder feels detached from their surroundings, mental process, or body, so they may feel as if they are in a dream. They feel as if they are watching their body.

15. Dissociative Identity Disorder
Also known as multiple personality disorder, this is when someone has more than one personality that controls them at different times.

16. Capgras Syndrome
Capgras is the irrational belief that a person or place has been replaced with an imposter, even though they look the same.

17. Agoraphobia
Agoraphobia is the fear of being trapped or helpless in public situations. This fear can be so intense that the person can’t leave their house.

18. Paranoid Schizophrenia
Paranoid schizophrenia is the most common type of schizophrenia. A person will be paranoid and experience delusions and hallucinations.

19. Attention Deficit Disorder
Someone with ADD may have trouble concentrating, paying attention, and controlling their behavior which often doesn’t reflect their age.

To help spread awareness and fight the stigma around mental illness, SHARE your story with #SickNotWeak to prove that your sickness isn’t a weakness.

To learn more about their mission, and to donate, visit their website at

Source : Diply