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22 Pictures That Perfectly Capture Strong Emotions

A human being has a broad range of emotions. It may seem impossible to categorize and count all of the different emotional states of a human, but studies show that there are more than 500 of them!

1. Not everyone is happy to see the new pup.

2. This brave boy is not afraid of a vaccination.

3. “Granny wanted to see the ocean before going to the hospital.”

4. A monkey holds her child who just fell from high up.

5. This dog thought he was the biggest in the park.

6. The boy asked his uncle to spin him as fast as he could.

7. “My mom used bad language in front of Santa.”

8. It seems like this doggy didn’t expect to be captured on camera flying over the beach.

9. This girl wanted to be a road for Halloween. Her mom made her dream come true.

10. A cake-eating champion

11. The kid started crying when he saw Santa. His parents decided to join him.

12. “It was too quiet in the back seat so I turned back to see what was going on. It seems that I interrupted a very important process.”

13. “Chuck Norris being pinned by my dad!”

14. This girl didn’t expect such a huge portion.

15. An overly dramatic kitty

16. Someone isn’t happy about the party…

17. This dog saw his owner on Skype.

18. This moment is priceless.

19. “It was the first time my granny spoke to me using video.”

20. It seems like the girl on the right has just turned back.

21. A long-awaited meeting

22. “This is me every Monday morning.”

Bonus: These grandparents’ reaction when they see their grandson receiving an Olympic gold medal.

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An Italian Artist Creates Illustrations Showing Sensuality and the Beauty of Touch

Frida Castelli is a young Italian artist. Her first works appeared on the Internet in 2016 and became popular very fast. Her illustrations are easy to recognize and are done in pastel shades. They manage to capture the feeling of sensuality, the happiness of touch and a little sadness. Many illustrations on Frida’s Instagram page are tagged, #missyoueveryday. There is very little information about Frida herself. She says that she doesn’t like talking about herself and thinks that her art is more interesting than her personality.

Months without you

70 days

“If I don’t see you ever again…”

45°29’00″ North, 9°12’00″ East

“You are everything. You are my love.”

“I should have kissed you more.”

“Fill in the holes of my soul.”


The smell of your skin

“Falling in love with you every five minutes.”

“Hug me tighter.”

— “What will the world be like when you don’t love me anymore?”

— “There will never be a world where I don’t love you.”

The place to be.

10 days

Never go away.

Many days

“Tell me about the last time you felt happy.”

Welcome home.

48 days

Which of these pictures did you like the most? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Stephen Hawking Said the Earth Will Cease to Exist in 200 Years, Here Are Our Options

The most famous scientist since Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, is widely known for his groundbreaking works in physics and cosmology. Hawking learned how to read at the age of 8 years old and was quite a lazy student at his university, but at the age of 21 he completely changed his worldview due to his illness and devoted his entire life to cosmology. In his brilliant theories, the scientist tried to explain how our universe works in a very profound way — although, sometimes his views about the future of Earth and humanity were extremely pessimistic.

7. Genetically modified vaccines will lead to dramatic consequences.

The certified genius said that one of the greatest threats to mankind wasn’t coming from the cosmos but rather from what people were creating themselves.

A long time ago, scientists started to toy with genetically engineered viruses to treat human illnesses, but they discovered other possible applications for them. For example, researchers creating a virus that could kill cancer cells found out that it could also reduce the urge to drink by introducing it into neurons that control the behavior of an addicted person.

Nowadays, pharmacists also combine several deadly viruses into a single shot and even mix DNA from people, cows, and dogs. The problem is that we still don’t fully understand the long-term damage from these recombinant vaccines, and we certainly don’t know what effects they can have on us.

6. Aliens will invade our planet.

Hawking believed that there were other forms of life in the cosmos and that they were not friendly ones.

In 1983, Hawking along with James Hartle devised their “no-boundary” theory which described how the Earth hurtled into existence during the Big Bang. Later on, the idea was developed into Hawking’s “multiverse” theory. According to the theory, our cosmos is only one of many separate universes created by a number of other “Big Bangs”.

Although there is still no evidence proving that we are not alone in the cosmos, there is a high possibility that aliens would like to smash other living beings into atoms.

5. The universe will come to its end.

In his final work, A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation completed two weeks before he died, Hawking predicted that our universe would eventually fade to darkness as all the stars would run out of energy. That’s why in his opinion, we desperately need to get to other universes as soon as possible if we want to survive.

4. Robots will replace humans.

Although Hawking’s life itself depended on artificial intelligence, he didn’t trust it at all. Once he said that it could be the “worst invention of the history of our civilization” as it may replace humans altogether.

Despite AI’s current usefulness, he warned that further development of these technologies could be a fatal mistake if we weren’t mindful of the risks it could bring to us. “Once humans develop artificial intelligence, it will take off on its own and redesign itself at an ever-increasing rate,” he predicted. In that way, this new form of life could outperform humans.

3. Nuclear weapons will destroy human population.

In Hawking’s opinion, aggression and irrational behavior are the worst human traits that we ought to get rid of. However, there is no sign of conflict lessening nowadays, and the development of militarized technology and weapons of mass destruction could lead us to disastrous consequences which would mean the end of our world.

2. We’ll need to find another planet to live on.

According to Hawking, we have to find another planet to live on within 100 years, otherwise, we will die out as our planet has already “reached the point of no return.” To save ourselves from such problems as huge population growth, pollution, deforestation, and pandemics we have to become a multi-planetary species and discover new worlds.

Here are possible Earth doppelgangers that could be inhabited in future:

Although the Moon, the Earth’s natural satellite, has no atmosphere, it’s the closest celestial object to our planet which has immense deposits of natural resources. Besides that, there are ancient lava tubes on its surface which could be the perfect location for building the first human colonies.

Mars with its toxic soil, bone-crushing cold, and unbreathable atmosphere is obviously not a good place to live on. But a competent approach to constructing well-protected space bases could put humanity up for the initial stage of space colonization.

Ceres is a dwarf planet between Mars and Jupiter situated in an asteroid belt. According to astronomers’ estimations, it could be composed of 25% of water which is good for human beings. However, because of its lack of atmosphere, we wouldn’t be able to experience weather changes or see any sky colors while living on it.

Jupiter’s fourth biggest moon, Europa, is covered with an icy crust which could reveal oceans of water. On the other hand, it’s always showered with deadly radiation that humans wouldn’t be able to survive, and the temperatures are extremely cold there.

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, could also be a terminal place for human beings. One of the advantages of living there is that it has an atmosphere that protects the surface from radiation and meteorites.

Earth’s “cousin,” Kepler-452b, orbits a sun-like star 1,400 light-years away from us and looks exactly like our planet. It could be possible that liquid water exists on its surface, but it’s covered with thick misty clouds almost all the time, and we would definitely have problems with volcanic activity there.

1. The Earth will turn into a fireball.

The great mastermind also predicted that our planet would become a fireball in less than 600 years. By that time, Earth will be so overpopulated that our energy consumption will make the planet burn red and the human race will perish.

Hawking added that global warming would make the conditions on Earth similar to Venus, where the average temperature is about 250 degrees Celsius, sulphuric acid would often rain from the sky, and there would be wind speeds up to 100 meters per second.

The physicist said, “Climate change is one of the great dangers we face and it’s one we can prevent if we act now.”

Do you believe that Stephen Hawking’s predictions may become true? Share your opinions in the comments!

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Watch in Horror as This Man Dismantles a Gigantic Yellow Jacket Nest

Some things can never be unseen, and a video of a gigantic hornets’ nest being disturbed by the man tasked with removing it is one of those things.

On Tuesday, an insect-removing superhero named Jude Verret posted a truly terrifying video to his Youtube account, Stinger Creations, detailing his recent encounter with an enormous wasps’ nest.

“We got here, what I would say, is the grandaddy of hornets’ nests,” he says as he surveys the massive humming structure that’s taken over half of an outdoor shed, before stating that the insects are in fact European yellow jackets.

Based in Morgan City, Louisiana, Verret runs an insect removal and bee keeping company called Stinger Creations. The man has clearly done this before, so there’s no need to get too stressed out as you watch.

With a go-pro attached to his body to provide the most nail-biting visual experience, Varret starts to dismantle the nest, which has managed to engulf several contents of the shed, including metal rods, screen window frames and a basketball.

As he tries to narrate what he’s looking at, the buzz of the yellow jackets is so loud it overpowers any other sound. Dressed in a white hazmat suite with gloved hands, viewers get to watch in horror as he physically rips apart the nest’s mass. At time of writing his first video had been viewed over 63,000 times.

In this second video, he starts spraying down the dismantled nest with insecticide. Then he pulls out a gigantic piece, the central organism of the nest.

Based on the sheer number of yellow jackets, this nest had multiple queens, and you can see them up close when Verret lays the entire thing out on the grass after removing it from the shed.

Yellow jackets are a common wasp in North America. Generally, wasp nests don’t last through the winter, but in temperate climates like Louisiana, a nest can endure through the winter months if the days don’t get too cold.

A mild winter can allow the worker wasps to keep building the nest, eventually forming humongous structures and breeding colonies of hundreds of thousands of yellow jackets. Attics, barns, and even old cars can serve as the perfect ground zero for a gigantic yellow jacket colony.

Collecting honey from bees is now as easy as turning on a tap. Check out this video to find out how.

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17 People Who Cheated Death and Lived to Tell the Tale

There are people in this world who have cheated death. They could have died, but they somehow made it out of their almost fatal situations. Some people did it by pure luck, others managed to fight their way out of a bad situation. These stories show that cheating death is something that can be done by anyone.

Whether it was by luck or just the sheer will to live, the people who cheated death have shown that a fatal accident or situation can present itself at any time. Most people might not get away totally unscathed, but these people managed to make it out alive, and really, that is what matters most.

These 16 stories show that people can persevere through anything. They also show that luck is sometimes really on their side. Cheating death is never easy, which is why these stories are so amazing. Whether it was luck or the will to live, these people cheated death.

1. This girl escaped an encounter with a shark when the aquatic predator gave her a test bite and decided it was too much trouble to keep attacking.

2. Somehow, the driver of this car managed to come out totally uninjured. If they were just a few inches more to one side, they’d be missing their head.

3. Isidro Mejia was working in construction when he fell off a roof holding his nail gun. He accidentally shot six nails into his head, but they all miraculously missed his brain stem and spinal cord.

4. If anyone you knew was ever to question the legitimacy of wearing safety goggles, you could show them this picture.

5. Ahad Israfil blew away half of his head with an accidental gun discharge in 1987. Somehow he survived and continued to live a normal life.

6. If you’re ever bored and you suddenly think that you want your life to be more like an action movie, just think about the fact that something like this might happen.

7. Aaron Ralston famously spent 127 hours with his arm pinned under a boulder inside a canyon. He eventually amputated his own arm and made it to safety.

8. This truck driver got caught in a mudslide, but miraculously made it out of his vehicle. Good thing, too: the Pacific Ocean was on the other side of that rail.

9. The guy who had this cell phone in his pocket might have accidentally cut into a major artery if it hadn’t blocked his chainsaw.

10. Harrison Okene’s story of survival is absolutely incredible: the man survived in a capsized ship for three days until he was discovered by divers looking for bodies.

11. Michael Benson survived for two days in the vent of a volcano after a helicopter crashed and left him inside the crater of Kilauea, the world’s most active volcano.

12. Steve Callahan’s story is truly amazing. He was set adrift in the ocean in a tiny life raft after his boat sank. He was lost for 76 days until finally being rescued.

13. In 1971, Juliane Koepcke’s plane crashed in the Peruvian Amazon. She was only 17 but managed to wander through the dangerous jungles and survive for 10 days before being rescued.

14. Not only did Vesna Vulovic survive the plane she was working on being blown up, but she then survived plummeting 33,000 feet.

15. The person who took this photo wrote that they were running late for work that day. Luckily for them, it saved them from getting crushed by this car.

16. Finally, while this may not be a person that cheated death, this cat got lucky that their owner noticed them. That would have been all nine lives gone for sure.

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10 Things That Shouldn’t Be Dumped Down the Drain

People often dump something down the drain and don’t even think about the consequences. Do you know which things should never be thrown in there? We recommend reading this list and memorizing it once and for all.

Rice and pasta

Pasta and rice absorb water over time and become much bigger than before. And it takes a lot of time for them to dissolve in water, which could easily result in a clogged drain.


People think that if you break eggshell into small parts, it won’t get stuck, but that’s not entirely true. Small pieces can get stuck to one another which could result in the formation of one huge piece over time and lead to a clog.


Imagine flour and water combining inside your drain and making a glue-like mixture. This mixture can attract other waste and form a huge clog.


Some people think that medicine dissolves easily in water, so they throw pills down their drain. In actuality, they don’t dissolve in water, they contaminate the water. Water filters can clear most microorganisms but there is no filter that can clear medicine contamination from the water.


Hair is one of the most common reasons why pipes get clogged in the bathroom. This is especially true if you have long hair. When the hair gets into the drain, it gets stuck inside and forms a ball which acts as a net for other waste. So, next time you clean the hair from your hairbrush, make sure you throw it into the trash and try to brush your hair every time before you take a shower. This will decrease the amount of hair in the drain.

Stickers from fruit and jars

Even if the stickers are very small, you should throw them away in the trash can instead of down the drain. The problem with these is that they have glue on them. And the stickers themselves are made of materials that take a very long time to decompose.

Building waste

No matter where the building waste came from, you should never throw it down the drain. This goes for both very small pieces and even powder-like debris. Big chunks form clogs and the small ones can end up on the sides of the drain and lead to even more serious problems.


They might seem completely innocent at first, but you should keep in mind that they are made of latex which never dissolves. They can also stretch very well and get stuck inside pipes. Besides, condoms can get filled with air, water, or other waste which will lead to a very serious clog that could be very hard to get rid of.

Cigarette butts

The problem with the butt is that the cigarette filter is synthetic and it absorbs water and expands. The worst part is that it never dissolves. Cigarette butts also contain different harmful chemicals, like nicotine, which can contaminate the water supply.

Feminine products

Everyone knows that these things are designed to absorb moisture, so they can increase in size dramatically and lead to a very serious clog.

Have you ever thrown any of these things down the drain? Were you surprised by anything on the list? Tell us in the comment section below!

Illustrated by Alena Sofronova for

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Woman Wearing Nothing But Body Paint Goes On Tinder Date Completely Naked

We live in a society in which nudity in public is still very much regarded as a taboo. In fact, in most US states, being naked when out and about is classified as “indecent exposure”, and as such, is a criminal offense.

And there’s an undeniable irony in the way our culture perceives nudity – on the one hand, we’re utterly outraged by it and on the other, we are totally fascinated and drawn towards it.

But the whole concept of nudity in public was turned on its head in a video uploaded earlier this month.

Yes, it turns out that you can totally get away with leaving your home entirely naked, with just a thin layer of paint to cover your bits.

Now this daring video wasn’t the first of its kind.

You may remember a little while ago a video of a woman covered in body paint, walking around a mall entirely in the nude – aside from a couple of pasties and a thong.

Well, the woman behind that incredible and unprecedented video, known as “Jen The Body Painter”, has made another video featuring another naked adventure.

This time a model called Joy was body painted and sent on a Tinder date without any clothes on.

And I mean literally without any clothes on… But look at what a great job they did disguising the fact that Joy was 100% butt naked.

The video begins with Jen, Jen’s daughter Kennedy – who helps her mom with her body painting projects – and a very naked Joy in shot.

Kennedy then explains the concept behind the unconventional prank video, saying “So next week is Valentine’s Day and in spirit of that, Joy here is going to be going on a Tinder date, body painted and the guy has absolutely no idea. So let’s get naked.”

The best part of the whole date is the fact that her unsuspecting date didn’t even notice she was naked…

In fact, it took ages for him to realize that she didn’t have anything on.

Yes, despite the fact that she didn’t have so much as an inch of fabric on her body, and in spite of the fact that Joy continuously hinted at the fact that she was naked, it completely escaped his notice.

“You look great,” the date tells Joy when they first meet. At that point, Jen still has a long coat on so it’s perfectly understandable that he hasn’t yet cottoned onto the fact that she hasn’t got an outfit on underneath.

In fact, he has plenty of lovely things to say about Joy’s outfit and how sophisticated it made her look.

“You look elegant, you look well put together, you look like you’re going to school, you look like you don’t have any babies running around,” he tells his date.

The funny thing is, although the fact that Joy was naked went right over his head, it was clear that other people did notice.

For instance, one little girl could be heard saying “it’s body painted”.

And this intrigued lady curiously watched Joy as she walked past, clearly wondering what on earth she was doing walking around sans clothing.

Soon after that, a group of youngsters approach Joy and start grilling her about her attire.

The very inquisitive bunch ask her questions like “Are you model?” and “How can you walk around in paint and not be worried about it?”

Clearly oblivious to the fact that Joy is supposed to be on a date, the intrigued preteens even request a selfie with the model.

All the while, Joy’s date stood in the background, clearly astonished at the situation he had found himself in.

Then finally, at the end of the date, the penny finally drops and the guy asks his date, “Is that paint on you?” as the pair walk out into the rain.

And he certainly wasn’t put off by his date’s unconventional choice of attire (or lack thereof), and even asks Joy if she’s still “going to call” him, adding that next time he hopes she won’t have any “paint on” her.

In all seriousness, it was a pretty hilarious and extremely daring prank, made all the better by the fact that the guy seemingly had no suspicions whatsoever until the very end of the date.

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Ten discoveries that no one can explain

The history of the world is full of surprising mysteries. None of us will live long enough to see them all solved. But it’s always interesting to have a look at some of the truly bizarre things which lie beneath the surface.

1. Moa Birds
Moa birds were flightless birds that used to inhabit New Zealand, which became extinct around the year 1500. They were killed off, according to one theory, by the Māori people. During an expedition in the twentieth century, scientists stumbled across a very large claw from one of the birds which had somehow been incredibly well preserved for centuries.

2. The Temple Complex of Saksaywaman, Peru
The perfect stonework of this ancient temple complex, which was completed without the use of a single drop of mortar, is truly amazing. In some cases, it’s impossible to pass even a piece of paper between the stones. Every block, moreover, has a smooth surface and rounded corners. How was it constructed? No one knows.

3. Gate of the Sun, Bolivia
The Gate of the Sun can be found in Tiwanaku — an ancient and mysterious city in Bolivia. Some archaeologists believe that it was the centre of a huge empire during the first millenium AD. No one has any idea what the carvings on the Gate are meant to mean. Possibly, they have some astrological or astronomical significance.

4. The Longyou Caves, China
These caves were gouged out of sandstone by human hands. Such difficult work would have required the participation of thousands of people. Yet there is no mention of these caves, or the methods used to construct them, anywhere in historical records.

5. The Unfinished Obelisk, Egypt
This obelisk initially began to be carved straight out of a rock face, but it appears that it began to crack. It was left in this condition, unfinished. Its size is simply staggering!

6. The Underwater City of Yonaguni, Japan
This ancient complex was discovered by chance by diving instructor Kihachiro Aratake. The underwater city has confounded all scientific theories. The rock from which it is carved was submerged underwater about 10,000 years ago — long before even the Egyptian pyramids were erected. Some archaeologists believe that during this primitive era, people still huddled in caves and lived off edible roots rather than hunted; they certainly couldn’t erect stone cities.

7. Mohenjo-daro (’The Mound of the Dead’), Pakistan
The secret of this city’s downfall has perplexed experts for decades. In 1922, the Indian archaeologist R. D. Banerji discovered ancient ruins on one of the islands in the Indus River. Questions arose: how was this great city destroyed? What happened to its inhabitants? Numerous excavations have not offered any answers.

8. L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada
This archaeological site in Canada was once a settlement founded by the Vikings about a thousand years ago. The fact that it exists indicates that the Scandinavian seafarers reached North America long before the birth of Christopher Columbus.

9. Stone-Age Tunnels
The discovery of an extensive network of underground tunnels, which stretch across all of Europe from Scotland to Turkey, shows that stone-age communities were not simply hunter-gatherers. But the real purposes of the tunnels is still a mystery. Some researchers believe they were used as protection against predators, whilst others believe they provided a way to travel around in safety, protected from the rigours of the weather and various conflicts.

10. The giant stone spheres of Costa Rica
These mysterious stone formations are intriguing not only for their perfectly spherical shape, but also on account of their unknown origins and purpose. They were discovered in the 1930s by workers clearing the jungle from a banana plantation. Local legends suggested that the mysterious spheres contained hidden gold, but they turned out to be empty.

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26 People Who Missed Their Lucky Break by Just a Few Seconds, But It Was Enough

Everyone has bad days, and sometimes we manage to capture such moments. And these are the pictures that live in our memories forever.

A hero protected a house. He is worthy of respect.

Superman also has bad days.

One teacher’s having a really bad day at school.

“My friend decided to try playing rugby.”

Scooby-Doo and his gang are also having a bad day.

Someone will probably need to take the bus.

Sometimes a bad home repair can spoil your day.

The main danger while walking with 2 dogs:

This is what real hopelessness looks like.

“Didn’t manage to have breakfast.”

This guy looks like an unlucky cartoon character.

Feel the real pain.

This doesn’t seem to work.

“So I understood I wasn’t a good chef.”

“How I take photos of my brothers and how they take photos of me.”

“Go to the Taj Mahal at sunrise, they said. It’ll be beautiful, they said.”

Do you have any stories about getting into awful situations? Or did your friends or relatives have bad days? Share in the comments!

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The VERY inappropriate structures found in the world’s worst playgrounds

If you design playgrounds for a living, and you want to build a place where children will love to swing, run, climb, and jump with smiles on their faces — then don’t take any cues from these examples.

All over the world, there are strange and baffling playground designs that couldn’t possibly have been designed with real, living children in mind.

There are those that seem incredibly dangerous, with slides that end suddenly, dip dramatically, or empty children off into risky spaces. There are others that are highly inappropriate, with imagery that might go over a kid’s head but would certainly raise a few eyebrows from adults.

And there are those that are the stuff of nightmares, with creepy characters and chilling that are sure to scare anyone of a jungle gym for life.

Here, FEMAIL has put together some of the most alarming examples of questionable equipment and seriously design fails.

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