Girlfriend Tests Her Boyfriend To See Whether He Is A Cheater With Shocking Results

The YouTube channel known for exposing cheaters has made another video. This time it’s the boy who’s cheating and the girl who’s heartbroken. What always manages to get under our skin is how Luis Mercado (the owner of the channel) stands in the background and snidely asks the person – who’s in a heartbroken stupor – “does that count as cheating”, right after witnessing the cheater intimately groping his actress.

He hires actors to act as baits

We don’t really have enough information to concretely ascertain whether the videos are fake skits or carefully laid out plans – either way, the first step for Luis is to hire an actor (male or female) to play the bait.

Testing the cheater

This actor approaches the target to seduce them. All the while a camera and a well placed microphone capture each intricate detail of the conversation inconspicuously. Such high quality of an unrehearsed event does make us a little bit skeptical.

The cheater gives in

9 times out of 10, the cheater usually gives in. And although we haven’t watched all of To Catch a Cheater’s (TCAC) videos, we can safely assume that they result in the couple’s inevitable break up (or divorce!). Let’s see what happens here.

This video is about a girl

She is curious enough to throw her better half under the spell of a charming seductress. These women will win any man over (much less a young man in his early 20s), so no surprise when he easily gives in.

The girl approaches him

This girl with a clearly larger than average fanny approaches the young man, starting by complimenting his masculine looks, his chiseled muscles and his strikingly good looking features. At first he pretends to be taken aback by her attempts to solicit him.

But then he says…

“I dunno… maybe…” he begins to drool over the prospects of bedding her. She further reels him in by promising to twerk in front of him. The idea of that big ‘booty’ shaking it makes him go absolutely bonkers for her.

She says, “I don’t have a big enough as**”

The girl says she doesn’t have a big enough derriere to participate in the Twerking contest and asks his opinion. “It’s not big enough?” He remarks in bewilderment. “Do you think it’s big enough”? He definitely agrees.

“Get my number”

The woman further proceeds by offering him her number, which he gladly jots down. Her number is censored (to protect her privacy obviously). “Maybe we can make it happen.” She continues to poke around with the twerk dance.

“Are you single?”

The woman asks him a very pertinent question – a precursor to the beginning of any new relationship – is he seeing someone right now? “I don’t – I’m talking to somebody but that’s not serious” Says the man, as his girlfriend cringes in shock.

“For the weekend ”

The deal has been cemented as the girl says she’s available during the weekend when the coast is clear. He actually wants to see her now! Little does the smug young man know that his ‘girlfriend’ is privy to her entire fiasco.

Icing on the cake

She turns around and asks him if he wants to touch her tushy. “Go ahead I’m okay with that” She reassured to him that it’s okay to touch. He promptly responds by grabbing her butt with his hand, cupping it tightly.

“Is that real”

The sly man asks her if it’s a real butt. Of course we wouldn’t blame him on account of all those botox injections and fat transplants being the order of the day. She says, “You know how many squats I had to do?”

“Give me a hug”

As the woman asks the boy to hug her, the two cement the deal with a tight embrace. And we can visibly see his girlfriend’s face distort and contort under the influence of the profound sadness which quietly unfolds inside.

She wants to get even with him

The girlfriend sighs in disgust and promises to get even with her boyfriend’s two timing antics. All the while the Luis remarks if this ‘counts as cheating’ as he tries to bring her visceral reactions to the camera.

Luis gets feedback from the actress

As the actress receives text messages and lewd pictures of the boyfriend, she promptly shares them with Luis who in turn wastes little time to rub it in the girlfriend’s face, to make her recoil in even more disgust. What do you think – is this a skit or a real video? Let us know in the comments below.

Here is the Video:

Source : CultureHook

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