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Married man cheats on wife with 19 year old call girl, 2 weeks later he gets a mysterious letter

A promise is a promise, and if you break your word, then you had better be prepared to deal with the consequences.

The married man in this story made a deal with a woman and then went to bed with her. Then he decided to go back on his word, but he wasn’t ready for the payback that came next… in a hilarious way!

A married businessman noticed a beautiful 19 year old girl in the bar after work. The man didn’t think twice; he took off his wedding ring and put it in his pocket. He then walked up to her and turned on his charm.

After a few drinks together, he decided that it was time.

He said, “I just love talking to you. What do you say we continue this at your place?”

The woman replied, “Honey, I just so happen to be a call girl. I’d be happy to have fun with you tonight, but it will cost you $500.”

The married man thought that sounded terrific, so off they went. They rolled in the hay, and he had a great time. But before he left her place, he told her, “Damn, looks like I forgot to bring cash with me. No worries, I’ll have my secretary write you a check and mail it to you. She will mark the payment ‘RENT FOR APARTMENT’.”

On the way to the office the next day, he regrets what he has done. Being a bit of a cheapskate and feeling a little bad for cheating on his wife, he has his secretary send a check for only $250 and encloses the following written note:

“Dear Madam,

Enclosed you will find a check in the amount of $250 for rent of your apartment. Note that I am not sending the amount that we agreed upon, because when I rented the apartment, I was under the impression that;

1) it had never been occupied;
2) there was plenty of heat;
and 3) it was small enough to make me feel cozy and at home.

However, I found out that it had been previously occupied, that there wasn’t any heat, and that it was entirely too large.”

Don’t mess with this woman
The girl’s eyebrows shot up as she was reading the note, and she returned the check for $250 with the following note:

“Dear Sir,

You’ve got some nerve! First of all, I cannot understand how you expect a beautiful apartment like this to remain unoccupied indefinitely. As for the heat, there is plenty of it if you know how to turn it on.

Regarding the space, the apartment is indeed of regular size, but if you don’t have enough furniture to fill it, please don’t blame the landlady.

Send the rent in full or we will be forced to contact your present landlady.”

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Mom Ugly Cries In McDonalds Drive-Thru Hearing 1st Word Nonverbal Autistic Daughter Speak

There are certain milestones that most parents look forward to with their children. Things like first steps, first words and the first day of school are major accomplishments for little ones!

But for parents of children on the autism spectrum, those milestones are not on any certain timeframe and may not happen at all. This is what one mother named Briana Blankenship became accustomed to with her 5-year-old daughter Taylor.

Doctors diagnosed Taylor with a form of autism called “nonverbal,” meaning she doesn’t communicate with speech. Even though she understands bits and pieces of the English language when people speak, coming up with her own words was not a possibility.

That all changed one day in the McDonald’s drive-thru line. Briana shared what happened in her car with the Love What Matters Facebook page:




This was such a huge moment for Taylor, and something Briana thought would never happen! Sometimes, life throws you surprises to make you smile — and this was definitely one of those happy surprises!

Hopefully, Taylor can practice her speech and will one day be able to communicate with words.

Take a peek at Taylor’s amazing milestone in the video below. What a blessing!


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13 Easy Hacks That Will Immediately Improve Your Daily Routine

Not all hacks you see are applicable in everyday life because sometimes they require a lot of time to apply. A true hack would save you time and you would get the result immediately. The part is when it does not cost you anything.
Keeping all that in mind, we have selected these 13 hacks; all of them are really easy to do and they would definitely improve your lives, because simple is better, right?

1. Nobody likes cold pizza

This is an important one! We all have leftover pizza in the fridge, and most of the times we just nibble a piece straight out or heat it in the microwave, but it gets a bit chewy. However, this way of reheating does the trick and you’ll enjoy it as if it was freshly baked!

2. Going for a run, girls?

When you head out for a jog, you probably don’t take your purse with you, and your outfit usually does not feature any pocket, but you still need to leave your keys somewhere, right? In case you haven’t discovered this yet, it is the perfect way to not lose them.

3. Restore your kicks back to their true white color

Wow, this seems really logical when you think about it, and it is a clever hack indeed! It works for sure, because a number of people have already tried it with great results. It seems that micellar water is the cure for a problem that bothered us for a long time.

4. This is the most annoying thing about shopping

We have all been there; you go to grab a shopping cart, and you realize that there are no coins in your pockets. Not to worry! Just keep a single key in your car or your purse; as you can see here, it easily does the trick and you can have your cart immediately.

5. This Gatorade mouthpiece is a perfect fit on the jug of milk

Is this a coincidence or somebody clever deliberately made it possible? Whatever the case, one thing is for sure – your chocolate milk cravings would get a new pleasant twist – there will no longer be a need to open it and pour in a glass, because you can use this and simply lift the jug and drink. Enjoy it!

6. If you lack he proper brush set, just use this hack

You don’t have a wide enough make-up brush or you cannot find it when you need it the most? There is an easy solution for this. Just grab you regular one and strap a hair pin on it. As you can see on the photo, it does the trick.

7. Going somewhere fancy soon?

All ladies are aware that going to a party or some occasion with an official dress means that you’ll have a small purse with you the most. However, you still need a lot of stuff with you through the night, and the simple solution is pictured here – just–put leggings with pockets on! Nobody would notice them.

8. This is how you protect your long nails

Many people wonder how women with longer nails manage to take care of different chores while keeping their manicure immaculate. Well, here’s one way to do it! Applying some putty on the nails will keep them safe from cracking

9. Camping just got reinvented
Going camping is always fun, but there are a lot of inconveniences as well. For example, sleeping bags are not the most comfortable place to rest. This is where the pick-up trucks come in handy; the idea of combining two trucks and covering them is brilliant – it looks like a DIY two-bedroom flat!

10. No more clothes falling off hangers

Are you fed up with clothes sliding off their hangers? We know we are! It is so annoying to have to iron again a shirt that you hanged in to be ready for putting on immediately. These balloons would definitely provide the grip needed for the clothes to stay in place.

11. If you are obsessed with cosmetics, this one is for you

This is so satisfying to watch! Women know how to test a shade of lipstick or other kind of make-up, but it quickly becomes a mess and they find it hard to determine which one is better. This clever little hack would make it so much easier for them and it looks tidy, too.

12. This one is so obvious

Most people prefer to not drive and eat at the same time, because it usually becomes a mess. However, the bad side of this is that you McDonald’s would get cold while you reach your destination. But here comes the hack – if you have heated seats in your car, turn the passenger one on and keep those fries warm.

13. This one is worth trying

Here is one way to bring a nice scent into your home. You likely do not use these in your drier anymore, so you might as well put them on your fan, and you would probably feel the difference immediately.

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Chef Convinced Everyone Cuts Onions Wrong Showing Odd Method Proving He’s Right

You’ve prepared the taco meat, set out the cheese and guacamole, but now it’s time to do the thing you’ve been avoiding all night! For most of us, cutting onions is the most annoying, frustrating and uncomfortable part of cooking dinner. Your eyes begin to water, your mascara starts running down your face, and you’re left looking an emotional, onion-chopping monster. Thankfully, there’s an easy solution to cutting onions that won’t cause your eyes to water like a faucet…

Internet chef Jack Scalfani is here to show us all how to skip the tears while chopping onions. Before you grab the knife, you’ll need to locate the root end of the onion. Once you find the rooted end, point it toward the sky and hold the paring knife in your dominant hand. With the rooted end up, make an angled cut into the onion. Be sure to maintain the angle while you work your way around the root in a circular motion. As soon as the circle is complete, the stinky bulb (the part that makes your eyes water) should be easy to pull right out. Most people are unaware that the bulb contains gases that cause our eyes to water. Without those irritating gases, you can cut onions tear-free!

Once you remove the bulb, peel the onion until the brown skin is completely detached. Now you can flip the onion on its side and start chopping, slicing and dicing! You can easily avoid teary-eyed meal prep with this simple trick in your back pocket. If you’re more of a visual learner, take a peek at the helpful step-by-step instructions from Chef Jack in the video below. With his help, the worst part of preparing meals just got so much easier.

Source: FaithTap

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Dad finds farewell letter from 16 year old daughter, notices interesting detail on the last line

As a parent, you want what’s best for your children. As they reach their teenage years, they will inevitably start staying out late, doing god knows what. That’s when you get worried as a parent, something we all handle in different ways.

The most important thing is that your children are happy and healthy, but at the same time, you’d like to know what they’re up to when they’re away. Life isn’t just about feeling good – they should still take care of their responsibilities, such as doing schoolwork.

The father in this funny story was looking for his 16 year old daughter, but instead found a letter on her bed that he read with shaking hands!

Steven was walking through his house, looking for his teenage daughter Anna. He was feeling down after watching his favorite team lose last night, and was going to suggest to his daughter that they go buy some ice cream together.

His daughter had been in her room upstairs a few hours ago, but now her shoes were missing in the hallway.

He walked up to her room, only to find the door open. On her bed, he saw a hand-written note.

This is what it said:

“Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m sorry to have to tell you like this, but I’m eloping with my new boyfriend Muhammad.

I’ve finally found true love, and he’s just great! I especially love his cute piercings, sexy scars, cool tattoos and his big motorcycle!

And that’s not all – I’m expecting a child with Muhammad, and I’m already three months pregnant. We’re going to settle down in his trailer, and he says that he wants even more children. I’m so happy!!! And guess what? We’re going to get married next week!

He’s also explained to me that weed isn’t as bad as some people make it out to be, so now we’re growing 17 plants behind our trailer. We’ll have enough for him and his friends, and in return, they’ll give us as many pills as we want.

I do hope that they find a cure for AIDS soon, so that Muhammad can get better – he really deserves it. Don’t worry about money – Muhammad’s friends Juan and Stanislav are in the movie business, and they’ve arranged for me to become an actress!

The job pays pretty well, 50 dollars per take, and I get another 50 if there are more than three men in the same scene. So don’t worry about me – I’m 16 years old and can take care of myself.

The next time I come to visit, you’ll get to see your grandchild!

xoxo, Anna

P.S. Dad, none of this is true – I only popped over to Emma’s place to watch some TV. I just wanted to remind you that there are worse things in life than The Patriots losing to The Eagles!

See you in a bit!”

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Teenage Girl Goes In For A Job Interview, Gets A Brutal Rejection Seconds Afterward

Interviewing for a job, even under the best of circumstances, is a nerve-wracking, scary experience. That’s especially true when the applicant in question is a teenager trying to make their way into the working world at a young age. However, the experience can be downright terrible when the company behaves like this one did following an interview.

Megan Dixon from Leicester in England was eager to pick up a gig as a server at a very well regarded chain steakhouse but was quickly discouraged when she got a brief and brutal text just moments after her interaction with the potential employers ended.

As you can see, it looks like, given the speed with which the employer texted out the response so soon after the meeting, that the message wasn’t meant for Megan, but rather another manager at the outlet, letting them know that she wasn’t a good fit. That’s fine, but the fact they accidentally sent it to Megan and used that language regardless of the audience had social media up in arms about their shoddy treatment.

While she may not have been the ideal candidate, the fact that the response went viral (in a now-deleted screenshot of the exchange from Megan’s personal Twitter account) means that the company likely lost some customers who felt the need to stand up for a teen who was just looking for a job.

Though she deleted the tweet weeks after the exchange, the damage had been done, and Megan was more than happy to share her story with news outlets who, for obvious reasons, were quick to jump on this story about a hapless teen dealing with a very harsh response from an employer.

Megan event went so far to go on the offensive, claiming that the interviewer she sat with was actually the one acting unprofessionally. Megan claimed the interviewer was very unprepared and their phone was going off through the entirety of the brief exchange.

So while Miller and Carter Steakhouse may have withheld the job from Megan due to her presence at the interview (which is fine, in and of itself), the fact that they couldn’t seem to keep their criticisms private has certainly hurt the chain’s reputation in the eyes of the public.

The chain has spoken up, admitting that they handled the whole thing poorly and offering an unequivocal response to the now-viral teen. “We can’t apologize enough to Megan,” a spokesperson for Miller and Carter told national news outlet The Sun. They might not be able to apologize enough, but maybe they should offer a little more to make things right.

Their explanation/apology continued: “It was never our intention to be disrespectful or upset her in any way. The texts were sent in error and were intended for our manager, not the candidate.” Does that make it any better?

Well, it means — if it was true — that the message wasn’t sent out of malice or spite, but rather just sloppiness. It doesn’t change how Megan would have felt after getting the message, but in the eyes of the public, diners might be more willing to forgive negligence than malice, especially when directed at such a young job seeker.

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Meet The Unluckiest Woman On The Internet, And Prepare To Laugh Your Ass Off

We all have stubbed our toes on the table leg or slipped while getting out of the bath, but Reddit user TheFlyingPigSquadron takes daily failures to a whole new level. About a year ago, the Scottish woman shared her story on the internet where it all started with a simple hair washing and ended up in the ER. It’s no secret that many a panda gets into trouble now and then, but this lady seems to meet misfortune at every other turn. Maybe she walked under a ladder or smashed a mirror on her way to the bathroom? Read down below to find out how she ended up with a fractured ankle, a split head, and in a wheelchair to have a good laugh and, hopefully, avoid a similar fate as this unfortunate gal.

Redditor TheFlyingPigSquadron shared her tragic, yet hilarious shower incident on the internet

But the story doesn’t end there as the woman’s adventures (and misfortunes) continue…

We’re glad that at least her doctor took proper precautions from any further incidents as this woman seems to get herself in trouble at every turn!

Internet was captivated by her stories and demanded more, and apparently, there was more

Source : BoredPanda

Source : BoredPanda

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21 Easy-going Pictures that’ll Bring A Big Smile on your Face On Any Boring Day

Just like not everything can bring you on the verge of tears, similarly, there isn’t any plausible reason that leaves you feeling elated. Not all things under the sun are capable of doing that. Hence, it’s important to end up at the correct place.

If that’s the reason you came to this lovely compilation, then you didn’t fail yourself. This might be your last resort for seeking amusement.

It’s made up of a mannequin-like sparrow and a lady who recently gave birth to puppies. You are gonna enjoy this.

1. When this guy wore lipstick proudly.

2. Gotta be better at it than the statue.

3. This spaceman just wants to go home and kill some people.

4. She ain’t afraid of heights at all.

5. So that everything you ever see is king size.

6. That’s how you shift gear properly.

7. Smile for the camera.

8. Having a lion for a pet.

9. Meeting your twin for the first time.

10. What’s wrong with sharing a cab?

11. Congratulations on the new babies.

12. The target cannot go very far.

13. And the winner gets a baby.

14. The almighty cycle capable of moving earth and moon.

15. This girl knows what she wants.

16. Her hair is keeping her afloat.

17. Christopher Walken getting checked by the TSA.

18. Donuts can get addictive.

19. There is no winning against the bubble bath.

20. The world can burn down to ashes but the selfie should be perfect for a Facebook update.

21. This girl is more graceful while falling than me anytime of my day. Scratch that, make it my entire life.

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20 Funny Photos That Are Innocent Yet Inappropriate At The Same Time

A picture, as an old adage tells us, is capable of painting “a thousand words.” Indeed, a single snapshot can tell a lot of stories and it may convey different messages depending on how viewers see particular images.

Well, here’s a little challenge for you: we want you to think with a clean mind as you browse the photos we’ve compiled below.

That may not sound like a complicated task to do but believe us when we say it’s never going to be easy. Sure, these photos are completely innocent but we bet you’ll definitely have trouble keeping filthy thoughts away from your head as you stare at them.

Scroll down and laugh along!

#1. This gives new meaning to “action” figures.

#2. Be cautious where you place your foot. You just might regret it!

#3. Also, watch that hand, would you?!

#4. You’ve already been warned.

#5. She needs to come up with a better column title.

#6. Looks straight out of a dirty sci-fi movie. LOL!

#7. Be careful where you place your legs.

#8. You’ve got butt-like arms, bro!

#9. Those are perfectly-placed pillows. Pillows you can squeeze.

#10. It surely looks wrong.

#11. Those shadows are totally suspicious.

#12. Now I don’t even know what to say about this one.

#13. “Vampires Suck The Other Guys”

#14. Just a hairy dog.

#15. So near yet so far…

#16. Time to feed the animals, yes?

#17. I wonder what “experiment” that is.

#18. It’s funny that you three are sitting together.

#19. This is where you insert your fingers.

#20. “Where to find love!”

Source: Elitereaders

Source: Elitereaders

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Man Damages His Own Brain To Forget The Infinity War Spoilers He Saw On The Internet

A Florida man has damaged his own brain because “he wanted to forget the Infinity War spoilers” that he saw on the Internet. Jonathan Crane, a 37-year old man, was tired of seeing spoilers of Infinity War on the Internet. He wasn’t able to watch the movie on time, and he saw a lot of spoilers on the Internet.

“Spoilers everywhere. I wasn’t able to understand the memes before, till the explained them to me. My friends and family are constantly talking about the movie, and I’ve been slowly decoding the entire plot of the movie. I now know more about the movie than most of them, and I haven’t even watched it”, Crane posted on Facebook, right before electrocuting his brain to forget about everything.

Crane took a copper cable and connected one end to a power source and the other end to his temple. He received an electric shock of 69,420 volts. He’s lucky to be alive.

He forgot about everything, but now he won’t be able to walk again or move voluntarily some parts of his body. So yes, he did what he wanted, but at a high cost.

His family announced that they’re taking him to the movies, so he can finally watch it. They’re begging everyone not to spoil him again, because the next time he receives another electric shock, he’s going to die.

P.S: This is a satire article.

Source: 8Satire