Woman Wearing Nothing But Body Paint Goes On Tinder Date Completely Naked

We live in a society in which nudity in public is still very much regarded as a taboo. In fact, in most US states, being naked when out and about is classified as “indecent exposure”, and as such, is a criminal offense.

And there’s an undeniable irony in the way our culture perceives nudity – on the one hand, we’re utterly outraged by it and on the other, we are totally fascinated and drawn towards it.

But the whole concept of nudity in public was turned on its head in a video uploaded earlier this month.

Yes, it turns out that you can totally get away with leaving your home entirely naked, with just a thin layer of paint to cover your bits.

Now this daring video wasn’t the first of its kind.

You may remember a little while ago a video of a woman covered in body paint, walking around a mall entirely in the nude – aside from a couple of pasties and a thong.

Well, the woman behind that incredible and unprecedented video, known as “Jen The Body Painter”, has made another video featuring another naked adventure.

This time a model called Joy was body painted and sent on a Tinder date without any clothes on.

And I mean literally without any clothes on… But look at what a great job they did disguising the fact that Joy was 100% butt naked.

The video begins with Jen, Jen’s daughter Kennedy – who helps her mom with her body painting projects – and a very naked Joy in shot.

Kennedy then explains the concept behind the unconventional prank video, saying “So next week is Valentine’s Day and in spirit of that, Joy here is going to be going on a Tinder date, body painted and the guy has absolutely no idea. So let’s get naked.”

The best part of the whole date is the fact that her unsuspecting date didn’t even notice she was naked…

In fact, it took ages for him to realize that she didn’t have anything on.

Yes, despite the fact that she didn’t have so much as an inch of fabric on her body, and in spite of the fact that Joy continuously hinted at the fact that she was naked, it completely escaped his notice.

“You look great,” the date tells Joy when they first meet. At that point, Jen still has a long coat on so it’s perfectly understandable that he hasn’t yet cottoned onto the fact that she hasn’t got an outfit on underneath.

In fact, he has plenty of lovely things to say about Joy’s outfit and how sophisticated it made her look.

“You look elegant, you look well put together, you look like you’re going to school, you look like you don’t have any babies running around,” he tells his date.

The funny thing is, although the fact that Joy was naked went right over his head, it was clear that other people did notice.

For instance, one little girl could be heard saying “it’s body painted”.

And this intrigued lady curiously watched Joy as she walked past, clearly wondering what on earth she was doing walking around sans clothing.

Soon after that, a group of youngsters approach Joy and start grilling her about her attire.

The very inquisitive bunch ask her questions like “Are you model?” and “How can you walk around in paint and not be worried about it?”

Clearly oblivious to the fact that Joy is supposed to be on a date, the intrigued preteens even request a selfie with the model.

All the while, Joy’s date stood in the background, clearly astonished at the situation he had found himself in.

Then finally, at the end of the date, the penny finally drops and the guy asks his date, “Is that paint on you?” as the pair walk out into the rain.

And he certainly wasn’t put off by his date’s unconventional choice of attire (or lack thereof), and even asks Joy if she’s still “going to call” him, adding that next time he hopes she won’t have any “paint on” her.

In all seriousness, it was a pretty hilarious and extremely daring prank, made all the better by the fact that the guy seemingly had no suspicions whatsoever until the very end of the date.

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